why do we like beauty products that remind us of food?

There’s Hailey Bieber’s strawberry donut-inspired lip balm, as well as blueberry milk manicures, Harry Styles’ chili lip gloss, and “Tomato Girl” makeup that evokes the colors and flavors of the Mediterranean. And in TikTok, no one stops these trends. It would seem that a simple reference to the color and taste of fruits/sweets/snacks is enough to draw the attention of a potential buyer to a beauty product, but why has food become the main choice of our beauty routine? Well, TikTok didn’t discover hot water, the link between beauty and food is actually much older than one might imagine.

Did you know that the first archaeological finds of cosmetics date back to Ancient Egypt? Before hyaluronic acid and BB cream, there were castor and sesame oil to prevent wrinkles, olive oil to cleanse the skin, and milk-honey masks to moisturize it. In ancient Greece, one of the most popular skin care methods was to mix berries with milk and apply a paste on the face. Yogurt combined with honey has proven to be an excellent anti-aging remedy. Millennia later, the influence of food in the beauty world has remained constant and peaked in the 2000s with products that captured the attention of younger buyers, such as Bon Bons Malizia and Aquolina bubble bath.

The stimulating taste and smell will appeal to a younger audience who will associate Rhoda’s Vanilla Cake Lip Balm with something festive and therefore desirable. The TikTok community, as well as brands and celebrities themselves, have contributed to the resurgence of this trend by using the universal language of food, creating hashtags with over 200 million views, and creating products with charming names that are able to grab the attention of even those in the beauty sector. interested.

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