Why do you have to get the flu vaccine if your child is over six months old? – weekend

Back to school time is coming...kids are back in the classroom, which is almost always Synonyms for viral spread and spread In between… if we add all of that to the gradual onset of the cold, then we have the perfect combination that is causing some cases to worsen.One of the scariest and most common viruses is influenza.Well, beware, because if you have Children from 6 months to 5 years old, This keeps you interested.because it’s the first time Vaccines against the virus will be administered to this age group in a universal manner. Let’s ask the doctor this question Javier Alvarez Aldin.He heads the pediatric service at the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella and is a member of the Vaccine Advisory Committee of the Spanish Pediatric Association: “This is an old man from the Spanish Pediatric Association and the World Health Organization. In the smallest cases, influenza is not particularly Severe, possibly with fever and catarrh, but under five can be considered serious. In fact, the rates for the youngest hospitalizations were nearly the same as those for the oldest. It is very common to become seriously ill with this condition. Children were the most common group, the doctor recalled. primary spreader of influenza: “Vaccinating this group benefits not only them, but also those who would significantly protect them even if vaccinated, such as the elderly.”

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