Why does dressing up as a clown attract more and more celebrities?

A video circulating online immortalizes Rick Owens SS 2024 guest rapper Tommy Cash in a mime version with white makeup and MSCHF x Crocs rubber boots. The Estonian rapper, known in the fashion scene for his absurd fashion week outfits, is actually just another celebrity riding the wave of a bizarre and inexplicably fashion trend. And in TikTok, this is no longer a novelty. We are talking about “clowncore”, a hashtag that already has more than 570 million views on the social network and that has attracted the attention of the most avant-garde celebrities in the last period.

First of all – no wonder – Julia Fox: in April at the ELLE event, the actress changed the classic black eyeliner for a clown look with white powder, pink blush and painted eyebrows. Unhappy, the next day, the actress appeared at the White House Correspondents Dinner in an Annakiki dress and clown makeup with white powder and geometric eyeliner.

From Julia Fox, after all, we could expect it. What about Dua Lipa? With her “Love Again” video in June 2021, the star (unknowingly?) laid the foundations for a trend that will quickly win everyone over. Together with her and Harry Styles, who in the same year wore a Gucci clown outfit during a concert at Madison Square Garden, and Tommy Cash – yes, he again – created with Adidas the notorious “clown shoes”: Adidas Superstar, the most longest in the history of the world.

For Tom Brown’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Bella Hadid took to the runway in a sexy clown outfit with ruffles, oversized brogues and polka dot makeup on her face. Playboi Carti, for their part, instead opted to add a pinch of horror to the trend, showcasing Joker-inspired clowncore makeup on several occasions.
In short, judging by the latest trends, 2023 will not be the best year for coulrophobes.

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