Why does my child have bad breath even after brushing his teeth?

he child’s bad breath This is a sign to go to the dentist, if you notice your son or daughter They snore a lot and sleep with their mouths open. That’s why you need specific treatment to avoid serious complications.

Why do children have bad breath even after brushing their teeth?

Pediatric dentist Gabriela Reyes Ortiz explains that if parents notice The baby or child does not breathe through the nose, only through the mouthwhich is the main cause of bad breath, which may often appear after sleeping, for example.

“It’s different The bacterial flora and all the good and bad microbes that live in the saliva of the open mouth It’s off all the time. Now give him candy. language will stink” said the expert.

That is Bad breath in children is usually caused by keeping the mouth open, all macroscopic and microscopic particles in the environment adhere to it. For this, a tongue brush is required.

Is there any harm in a baby or child not breathing through their nose?

If an infant or child is not breathing through the nose, an evaluation with a pediatrician, otolaryngologist or allergist is warranted, Reyes said.

“As a dentist, I’m very interested in breathing well through my nose. If the growth of the maxillary sinus is not stimulated (breathing through the nose), the area remains small. Me and the future orthodontist, Where are we going to put all our teeth?They are not suitable. “ Reyes assured.

Therefore, expert scrutiny is required from early childhood, Otherwise, the premolars and other teeth will have to be removed later. For the normal growth of teeth.

“It’s not about treating the flu again and again, it’s about diagnosing Deviated septum, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, or ongoing treatment Improving nasal breathing through drugs or surgery to stimulate bone growth”Add to.

If, due to genetics or other factors, the jaw is not growing properly, the pediatric dentist must instruct the child on the type of expanders or aligners to correct.

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