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Why does Robert Kiyosaki like to invest in Bitcoin?

Robert Kiyosaki is a self-help bookseller, like Rich father poor father, and today he is still trying to change the way ordinary people conceive of money. We tell you why you like to invest in Bitcoin

For instance, Kiyosaki tweeted on August 23 that Bitcoin is on the rise, and that gold is immobile, that silver is 50% below its all-time highs, and that the dollar is falling. Therefore, Bitcoin and silver are the best investments:

The main reason Robert Kiyosaki likes Bitcoin is because he wants protect yourself from what you think is a dollar decline. Thus, he declares that he is not using Bitcoin to become a millionaire, but as protection against the collapse of the dollar, since he conceives the cryptocurrency as if it were digital gold.

Kiyosaki is skeptical of the dollar in front of the expansion measures that the Federal Reserve has carried out to lower interest rates and increase the amount of money On circulation. Thus, for him, the end of gold standard in 1971 it meant making the dollar’s problems bigger.

Kiyosaki prefers Bitcoin over the dollar || Source: Pixabay

The writer has pointed out on multiple occasions that it makes no sense to save money in a bank account, because money is losing value. For this reason, he recommends turning to gold, silver or Bitcoin.

Thus, he points out that in the last two years our lives have changed dramatically, and it is important to start by learning to create wealth without depending on the government. He has also promoted speeches about ‘financial independence’, and thinks that cryptocurrencies are a way to achieve it.

Finally, Kiyosaki also urges investors to research to understand risks that they assume when buying and know if they are suitable for their investor profile. Do not forget to follow Oink Oink to receive more updates.

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