Why does Ryan Gosling/Ken sing and dance like Gene Kelly?

Ken’s interpretation of Barbie superstar Ryan Gosling demonstrated remarkable singing and dancing skills in the film, so much so that it brought to mind music giants such as Gene Kelly. If this happened, it is because the actor is not in his first dance number or his first vocal performance.

Although it is difficult for comedies to give their heroes an Oscar, because in addition to physical transformations, the Academy loves tears and tragic fates. Ryan Gosling really should get a gold statuette for his performance in Barbieand also because it Kenalthough not Einsteinhowever, has inner demons and the misfortune of living in the shadows Barbie. In the song, the complexity of the character comes to the fore “I’m Just Ken”which we have told you many times. This is one of the best moments in the movie because Gosling he also demonstrates that he can dance and why, especially in the part where various Ken dancing, dressed in black and moccasins, moving on the floor with steps, half pink, half blue, the film pays tribute to the song and dance number Gene Kelly AND Sid Charisse V Singing in the rainand, perhaps Ryan won’t have the same grace as Kellybut there is no doubt that you are doing very well. Looking at him, one might wonder: why is he so slim and dances so well? The answer lies in his creative past.

Beginnings and the Mickey Mouse Club

In the moment La La Land A video has surfaced online showing Ryan Gosling child, during the talent show he danced with the girls. He had an incredible purple shirt, but he was amazing and very articulate. Then he had the opportunity to join Mickey Mouse Clubof which they were also a part Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears AND Christina Aguilera. Later Ryan he said that he didn’t have the position he wanted and therefore his belligerence in the group was limited to two years. There is a video from that period that also went viral, in which, along with Justin Timberlake, JC Chase AND Dale Godboldsing “Crying for You” From Jodechi. Forgive us for the quality of the photos, these are screenshots.

Dead Man’s Bones

Very few know that Ryan Gosling was part of a group, or rather a rock duo, along with Zach Shieldswho is the screenwriter godzilla vs kong AND Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters. called Dead Man’s Bonesthe group was born in 2000 and released their first album in 2009, which received good reviews, so much so that the song “The room where you sleep”went to decorate, in 2013, soundtrack de Spell – Spell. Gosling AND shields they didn’t release any more albums because the former was starting to be noticed as an actor and therefore had little time for music.

La La Land

In 2016 Ryan Gosling was the main man La La Land, a film that many liked. It told a love story between My AND Sebwho met in fabulous Los Angeles and each tried to fulfill his dream: My she wanted to be an actress and Seb renowned jazz musician and club owner.

La La Landdelivered by this genius Damien Chazellehad a soundtrack fa-wo-lo-sa composed and orchestrated Justin Hurwitz. Song “City of Stars”performed Ryan With Emma Stone, won the Academy Award for Best Original Song as well as Best Original Score. The musical won 4 more Oscars: Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Actress (Emma Stone) and best director. Ryan Gosling was a candidate Casey Affleck stole the trophy from him. Actor, in La La Landhe also sang “Beautiful night”.

So this explains the dancing and singing skills of our dear Ryan Gosling, which has the great advantage of being versatile. We’ve seen it in dramas and funny movies, in Drive AND Only God forgives From Nicholas Winding Refnand then how Neil Armstrong V First man and in great Lars and his own girlfriend. In his career, he could not miss Barbie, where he could move between many different registers, even becoming the villain of the story. For many, he is the real protagonist of the film, and the song about which we are talking above (“I’m just Ken”) is a cry of pain from an unrequited lover, someone who always feels like a number 2, or in our case, a series B doll. What does he hear Ken many (and many) felt this, and it was her fragility that captivated the world audience, and perhaps the heart that she makes with her own hands when she dances with an ease that is almost unattainable today.

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