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Why does SatoshiTango add Cardano to its portfolio?

“We want to add more and more value and generate new and more opportunities so that our users can invest with better results, according to their expectations and profiles,” he stated. Matias Bari, CEO and co-founder of SatoshiTango.

Currently, Cardano is in the top of the 5 crypto with the largest market capitalization and it is considered one of the projects with the most future and acceptance of the ecosystem.

Indeed, It is the first Blockchain project with its own cryptocurrency that starts from an academic and scientific philosophy, given that its development is based on a global and multidisciplinary team, which includes engineers, mathematicians, scientists, and finance and business professionals. All supervised by the Cardano Foundation.

The vision of the ADA team is to reconcile the needs of users with those of regulators, with the aim of greater financial inclusion. Likewise, Cardano will allow the development of smart contracts and decentralized applications known as “dApps”. Due to its characteristics, this crypto plans to further revolutionize the industry.

Finally, Bari explained, “we take with great responsibility the time necessary to analyze each project, we internalize its projection and, from there, we incorporate more financial solutions to our portfolio ”.

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