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Why does Selena Gómez no longer manage her Instagram profile?

Just a few years ago, Selena Gomez was perhaps the person with the most followers on Instagram in the world. However, after his diagnosis of Bipolar disorder and the need for a kidney transplant, her social media has no longer been a priority for the 29-year-old star.

In its four walls, Selena Gómez dealt with the negativity she received on a daily basis through her networks, through comments to her publications and as a result of the rumors that were unleashed. Among them, his passage through rehabilitation in 2014 after revealing that he suffers from Lupus.

In conversation with the media, the artist has detailed: “I told myself that I have to do something else. When I am no longer in this world, I want people to remember me for my heart. “

This is how in 2017 Selena Gómez made the decision to give control of her Instagram account to her personal assistant. To date, she chooses which photos and messages they share on her social network, but she does not have the application installed on her cell phone, and has even detailed that she does not even know the password.

“Suddenly I had to learn to be alone. That was a nuisance, because before I could spend hours looking at other people’s lives. Sometimes I realized that I had been diving into someone’s profile until I reached the publications of two years ago, and then I realized that I did not even know that person, “Gómez told ELLE magazine. “Now I find out about things the right way. When a friend has something to tell me, he calls me, “he added.

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