Why does your dog tilt his head when you speak to him? Know the curious reason

Why do dogs tilt their heads to the side?
Why do dogs tilt their heads to the side?

Latest news for the ‘Doglovers’. There are a series of gestures that accompany our beloved dogs, which make them unique and at the same time we assume them as signals to tell us what they need and how they feel in certain situations. How old is my dog ​​in “human years? Learn to calculate it

Have you ever wondered why dogs shake their heads? This is a reaction that the cocky people in the house have when we speak to them or listen to a curious sound, so it is not something learned, but something natural to them.

A recent study published in the journal Animal Cognition tells us about the origin of this signal that they emit with their heads, and what the meanings could be.


The scientists’ analysis was based on studying the ability of 40 dogs of different breeds to memorize the names of the different toys. And then remember the information to retrieve specific toys in response to the owners’ orders. Dogs could learn words like babies do

Why do dogs tilt their heads to one side?
Why do dogs tilt their heads to the side?

The fact: head tilting isn’t just a sign of familiarity with particular sounds, they argue. If it were, all 40 dogs would be just as likely to do so. The team believes it could be related to mental processing, a sign of high attention or concentration in the gifted. Dogs may be cross-referencing the order with their visual memories of toys, for example.

“There seems to be a relationship between successful retrieval of a named toy and frequent head tilt when hearing its name. That is why we suggest an association between head tilt and the processing of relevant and significant stimuli “said Shany Dror, an animal cognition researcher at Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary.

In the same letter, they stated that the study was only of the gestures of inclination of the head when the human companions asked the dogs to look for toys with names, detailing that “The results could not be extrapolated to situations not proven in the investigation.” How to prevent diabetes in cats and dogs.


These are some of the benefits that come to your life when you decide to include this furry and playful companion.

* References based on information published by Purina Latam.


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