Why has Glastonbury Festival become more attractive than Coachella?

Music, concerts, festival atmosphere: three ingredients not much different from the ingredients that made it Coachella Festival A unique event of its kind. Still, there are those who may have something to say about this exclusivity. Commercial yes, and probably a lot more. But is Coachella as authentic as Glastonbury Festival?

We are leaving California for the English town of Pilton in Somerset, where the curtain has just dropped on the edition running from 21 to 25 June. The hottest names in English stardom, all spokespeople for Glastonbury Street styleWhich – unlike Coachella – intrigues precisely the way it manages to stay cool while practically never changing.

The English music festival not only has a twenty year longer history than its Californian rival, but Just say the magic word “Glastonbury” to unlock a fantasy item made of clothing – and above all the brand! – symbolic in the British imagination, A great strong point, at least from a street style perspective, because to say “Glastonbury” means to say Hunter, barber, Dr. Martens, and even Fred Perry. Fabulous wardrobe classics that fit perfectly with the ethos of the festival.

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Who knows #gorpcore might be behind the success of the so-called “glasto look”., the beauty that drove millennials and Gen Z crazy in late 2022, and who boasts of over a billion views (continuing to grow) on TikTok. acronym of Good Old Raisins and Peanutsor “good old raisins with peanuts” (what better breakfast for a trip to the countryside?), In gorpkor Spirit usually translates In the open air Glastonbury’s, It’s no surprise that the aesthetic aimed at creating a form with which to withstand walks in nature (and in the mud) calls into question the typical utilitarianism of the camping mood.

Evidence of this street style’s success over time is the appearance of the stars who have presided over Glastonbury over the past fifty years, particularly from the nineties to the present day. Supermodel was present again and again Kate Moss, a must have with his signature hunter crotch shorts and rubber boots. Another regular appearance was from the It-girl and English socialite Alexa ChungAfter sienna miller Who once again made headlines at the festival this year. No rubber boots for her, but a nice pair of white Texans under a denim suit: the perfect cowgirl look.

crochet trend explained instead poppy delevingne, sister of supermodel Cara. and if actresses Lily James and Gemma Chan given respect and pride to the Barbour jacket (this brand was also loved by the English royal family), they thought of my ragan Next to boyfriend Romeo Beckham – To show the slogan T-shirt.

obviously Fashion trends also come from the Glastonbury stageAnd this is where the magic of all glamor unfolds. lizzoAn absolute epitome of inclusivity, this year has given us not one, not two, but three fashion moments: first flaunting a gold sequined minidress, then showing off a pink Barbie jumpsuit and finally as a true dominatrix in style BDSM one more.

seventy-five years and ain’t even feelin’ ’em Elton John On stage at Glastonbury Festival, he wore one of his metallic effect suits (like a true rock star). and with incredible charm Tilda Swinton, performed on stage with pianist Max Richter and in a completely gender-free key in his blue suit, Glastonbury may just win the title of best festival of the year. We don’t want to rival the indie and slightly bohemian chic look of a California appointment, but Coachella who?!?

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