why Hollywood started to hate them (even though they were always there)

If we want to keep using standard phrases, how many times have we heard “good blood don’t lie“as if to confirm that the musicians, actresses, dancers really belonged to a certain lineage and that we were really itching to see how they would act on stage. Daughter Tippi Hedren (Melanie Griffithmother in turn Dakota Johnson) or which of Debbie Reynolds (Carrie Fishermother in turn Billie Katherine Lourd)?

Tanya Loshchi: “The body is a tool that allows you to do very cool things”

To be honest, already at that time women were given special attention: before checking if they are really good, they had to at least confirm that they are as beautiful as their parents; if more, then better.

However, in recent years in HollywoodNepo-babies‘ is an expression coined to refer to those who have obtained job opportunities in the film industry through their own family ties – they seem to annoy insiders and even fans more and more.
In short, this is no longer the time of Jane Fonda, Isabella Rossellini and Drew Barrymore.
But why?
The first reason obviously remains the most banal; the one associated withlabel“: aspiring actors and actresses, as well as various film industry professionals, often find it difficult to obtain opportunity and recognitionwhile non-politician children, perhaps even talented ones, certainly enjoy the support of the powerful plans of their relatives.

Secondly, in a world that is struggling to move towards a growing awareness the importance of diversity and inclusionthere is a continuing practice of prioritizing people based on their family ties. prejudice AND limits opportunities for under-represented new talent.

But the aspect that makes “non-babies” the target of haters and criticism is primarily due to the rise of streaming platforms and the increase in the production of original content: the public today has much more power than before. Yes, he lives as a victim of the algorithm, but he is also one of them. craftsman. He wants to see authentic stories that reflect experiences and cultures, and in order to interpret them, he will need to go to seek out new and diverse talents. Instead, neopo babies represent something “already seen.”
Moreover, the constant presence on social media of famous people – and the relative likelihood that we all have to express diverse and unwelcome opinions – reinforced mud machine: The photo is enough for you to see slurs, body shaming, and family lineage jokes under some of the new faces’ profiles. Debates that used to stay within the four walls where magazines were browsed, or on most low-level television talk shows.

In short, in a world where everyone is famous on social media, real celebrities have started to get bored. And in fact, many of them don’t even open a profile, and if they do, they often have fewer followers than any other influencer.

Of course, not all Nepo-babies madly hated, some managed to climb over a very high bar of public perception regardless of family ties (or maybe thanks to them again), because part of the fans can not wait to find out what will happen to Suri Cruise’s passion for fashion or more Dancing ability of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt – despite the fact that you then kill her because you claim your right to want to know, and quickly, whether you feel more like a man or a woman.

The truth is that the world is full of misunderstood children, and the main effort should always be to judge them impartially. Perhaps the privilege and opportunity offered by their family connections will allow them to excel in areas where their fame can benefit society, culture, and even the planet.

In short, once they were Sofia Coppola, Angelina Jolie or Jake Gyllenhaal, today they are Jaden Smith, Lily-Rose Depp, Maya Hawke, Kaia Gerber. People about whom we know nothing except where they were born and whose psychological well-being it’s just as important as any other.
And if you don’t know whose sons and daughters they are, you’d better find them, because yes, they are really good. Poor children are not.

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