Why, how and when?Stress in pets and how to prevent it

Learn everything about pet stress, its signs, causes, and how to prevent it.May cause chronic disease

Stress in pets is just as common as stress in humans, and they can also suffer from anxiety and other types of disorders. The most common root cause is changes in daily routine. During the epidemic, many owners started consulting after noticing this problem in their cats and dogs.

To that end, Dr. David Quintana, veterinarian and medical affairs coordinator at Heel Columbia, tells us what the causes and symptoms of this behavioral change are. Heel is a German pharmaceutical company founded in 1936 and a leader in the research and distribution of natural medicines. Its collaborations with academic institutions promote the development of integrative medicine. Has more than 200 employees in Colombia.

Signs of Stress in Pets

There are many signs, for example, the dog will become more agitated, bark more, urinate in unusual places, and suffer from insomnia. This may be caused by temporary factors or it may become chronic.

When stress persists, they begin to experience slightly more severe symptoms, such as illness. The first symptom may be a skin condition, which is an increase in scratching or licking an area. On the other hand, there are gastrointestinal problems, such as gastritis due to stress, skipping meals, and occasional vomiting or diarrhea.

Cats also give other types of signals, such as stopping grooming, moving away from their owners, and remaining isolated during the day. When it gets serious and they have kidney problems, they will urinate outside the sandbox and are very vulnerable as their bladders can even become inflamed, which can be life-threatening.

Causes of Stress in Pets

Now, it is important to understand the factors or situations that create stress. In the case of dogs, it could be because someone is arriving at the home, someone is leaving the home, or there is a conflict between the residents of the home.

Change your habits, such as taking less time to go out for walks or eating less. Likewise, loud or very loud sounds and the arrival of new animals into the home.

In the case of cats, the situation is much more complicated, as they are very territorial animals and consider themselves novices, that is, they do not like new things and they may become stressed by any change in their environment, e.g. Objects move, reach another object, etc. Cat or someone else arrives.

Ways to Prevent Pet Stressvarious, the first is don’t change their daily routine if it is not necessary, provide them with a good diet, provide them with physical activity at least once a day, if you see one of the above symptoms, consult your trusted veterinarian .

David Quintana, Columbia Heel veterinarian and medical affairs coordinator.

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