Why in Mexico have killed more young people by COVID-19


Mexico stacks up to this Thursday, with 194 deaths due to COVID-19the epidemic that has affected the country and practically the rest of the world in the last few months. However, in the particular case of the north american country, protrude the deaths of younger groups of age.

The distribution of deaths has not had any noticeable changes since the middle of march, when occurred the first fatality for this disease: the median age is 57 years and the range of 26 to 92 years.

While age increases, also the mortality. However, the assistant secretary for Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatellthe main health of the government since the start of the pandemic, indicated that, despite the fact that the distribution of deaths among age ranges “is more or less expected”, “there’s something that calls the attention”.

The official was quick to point out that “the most likely explanation of this situation is” the “immense burden of chronic diseases in our country.” And it is that, among the confirmed deaths, the 44.33% suffered from hypertension; the 39.69% had diabetes, and the 37.63% of the fatalities also had obesity.

It is for this reason that, beyond the age of 65 years will accrue the greatest number of deaths, with nearly 70 of them are in that range, followed by those between 55 and 59 years, with nearly 40 cases; then, over 30 deaths, are those who had between 50 and 54 years and, just over 20 people, who were between 45 and 49 years.

It is for this reason that the health authorities in mexico had already launched a campaign focused on younger populations to not be overlooked. “Don’t be misled, I am writing to you, young people, men and women, don’t be misled, this is an epidemic serious, do not take it lightly” said Lopez-Gatell in a prerecorded video and posted this Wednesday.

The phd in epidemiology pointed out that the COVID-19 can cause young people discover that they have a chronic disease and encouraged the community youth to attend to the measures recommended, which are the basic acts of hygienethe social distancing and the López-Gatell has repeated constantly: stay in the house.

“It may be that there are young kids who have, for example, dad or mom, or aunts, who have diabetes and they have a greater chance of having diabetes, even when you don’t know, and sometimes this type of serious infections are the leading to discover that you have diabetesbut it could be when it is too late because it has been complicated.”, explained the official of the Secretariat of Health (SSa).

López-Gatell had already expressed caution in their time. “We have a median age that is 10 years less than the majority of the countries of Europe and 7 years less than that of the united States. And that is an advantage“he told Richard Ensor, correspondent for Mexico’s daily newspaper The Economist published in Medium.

But, he warned that “these 10 years of youth media help, but with the monstrous burden of disease of diabetes, 14% to the level of the population, 25% of hypertension, and 75% of overweight and obesity, it is difficult to think that 10 years of youth” will be sufficient.

This Thursday, the SSa launched the latest update of figures on the coronavirus in the country: up to now, are 3,441 patients confirmed, in addition to the 194 fatalities.

The health authorities pointed out that there are 10,105 suspected cases, 17,950 negativeand a total of 31,496 people studied. However, Lopez-Gatell filed this Wednesday in an estimate of total cases: would be 26,519 across the country, that is to say, eight times more than the confirmed cases.

The calculation is performed through the call sentinel surveillance that is also used during the crisis of H1N1 influenza. On the sentinel surveillance, the under-secretary said that “it is a scientifically proven method, of monitoring efficient. The system has been perfected to recognize how it behaves the epidemic of coronavirus in the country” in addition to comparing it with a survey.

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