Why is Disney a factory for unhappy adults?

  • Selena Gomez joins the long list of critical stars with the company that catapulted them to fame

Disney does not have the exclusive. The childhood fame generates a high percentage of unhappy adults. The recent documentary ‘The most beautiful boy in the world’, about Björn Andrésen, the actor who gave life to Tadzio in ‘Death in Venice’by Luchino Visconti is a heartbreaking example. But in the case of Disney, the great factory of youth entertainment, the adult unhappiness rate skyrockets. What one day became known as ‘the factory of dreams’, soon revealed that it was a teenage dream not as idyllic as it seemed.

From this artistic mine, names like Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Ryan Reynolds or Zendaya, very young artists who became mass idols even before reaching adolescence and who suffer the consequences of premature stardom in adulthood. And they notice it. The last, Selena Gomez, who a few days ago admitted not knowing what he was doing when he “gave up” his childhood “in favor of Disney.”

Adults who are still children

The adulthood of the Disney youth pool is as confusing as it is motley. There are many ways these inexperienced artists try to disengage from the image of ‘perfect children’.

“When they reach adolescence, children usually take their first balance and youth stars they begin to have the feeling of having been used “, Explain José Ramón Ubieta, Professor of Psychology Studies at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). “Whether by companies or by their own parents, who develop a narcissistic discourse that the success of their child is also theirs, these young people feel left behind by adults. “

Then, like all adolescents, they go through their rebellious stage, but past turns. Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan They began to star on the covers of their wild parties with Paris Hilton, an unrecognizable Miley Cyrus shaved stripped on a wrecking ball, Bella Thorne was made gold for posting risque photos on Onlyfans and, at 17 years old, Demi Lovato tried his first streak of cocaine (And, at 26, an overdose nearly took his life).

Although she had always been very reserved on this matter, Selena Gomez, famous thanks to her role as Alex Russo in ‘The Wizards of Waverly Place’, she opened up last week during the press conference for her new series for Hulu (‘Only murders in the building’), where she explained how had to give up his childhood at a very young age. “I didn’t know what I was doing”acknowledged the actress, who also reported that she did not learn too much from the experience. “I was just running around the set,” he said.

Gomez, who on other occasions has spoken openly of her “daily fight” against depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, thus joins the extensive list of those affected by the dream company.

“In situations of child overexposure, psychic fragility appears in the foreground“explains Ubieta.” We talk about different addictions to try to forget their pain and create an alternative world. From substance abuse to sexual problems, since they seek to be loved beyond their success and to face that fear of failure when they see that they are no longer as popular as before, “concludes the psychologist. An explosive cocktail that becomes a breeding ground for diseases and mental disorders.

And, although her fight for mental health led her to be admitted to a psychiatric facility For two weeks in 2018, Gomez’s fall into hell appears to be lighter than that of some of his former teammates.

A long list of affected

Before becoming the ‘princess of pop’, Britney Spears he also had his television debut with Disney. Along with a stellar cast of very young Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Reynolds, it debuted as presenter of children’s talent show ‘The Mickey Mouse Club’. An image that accompanied her during the first years of her musical career, in which that innocent schoolgirl aesthetic with the face of never having broken a plate.

That would soon change. Spears came of age and wanted to party until late. I wanted to drink. She wanted to sing about sex and dress in low-cut tops and those low-waisted pants that were fashionable in the 2000s. The press and society stoned her for it. Although he was at the zenith of his success, Britney was no longer the girl everyone wanted And that was the first stone on the singer’s path: a series of bad decisions, abuses and nervous breakdowns that would end the controversial guardianship that has held her a slave for 13 years and that has developed a whole movement to free her.

But these demands for purity are common among young Disney. To history will pass the chastity ring that the Jonas Brothers wore, with whom they promised to bring virgins to marriage. None of them succeeded. In fact, Joe Jonas went so far as to talk about the pressure they felt not to disappoint anyone. “It is a pressure that no teenager should have to endure,” he said then.

Something similar lived the actress Miley Cyrus, or, as we knew her then, Hannah Montana, who at 18, after her first sexual relationship, wanted to stop playing the character. “I felt ridiculous, like I had gotten older, and I didn’t want to wear that wig again, “he explained. He also admits feeling like a pet and came to repudiate the character that gave him fame. “I realized it on a trip to Disneyland: backstage I saw Peter Pan smoking a cigarette. I thought ‘that’s me’. I am not a Disney pet, I am a person“would reflect over the years Cyrus, whose last album on the Disney label, ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ (‘You can’t tame me’, in Spanish), would become an omen for the controversies that would follow: shows and video clips with little clothes, ‘twerking’ and smoking marijuana.

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And the list is extensive. Lindsay Lohan, the adorable twin from ‘You to London and I to California’, he spent his youth entering rehabilitation centers, “as if it were a joke, to pass the time”, Zac efron she went years without carbohydrates for fear of losing her body and Hillary Duff has battled anorexia.


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