Why is he called Eminem? The 10 most peculiar curiosities of the famous rapper who turns 48 today

Hated by many, loved by others, the singer has even managed to win an Oscar

Controversial, irreverent, and genius can be one of a thousand adjectives that describe rapper Eminem, known for the special of his lyrics and for the little censorship he has when saying something in front of the microphone.

The rapper born in Saint Joseph, Missouri but raised musically in Michigan, Detroit, today reaches 48 years old as one of the best rappers in history and an example to conceptualize the genre.

The interpreter of songs like “The Real Slim Shady”, “My Name Is”, “Just Lose It”, among others, has endless curious facts throughout his life, which catapulted him as one of the most peculiar musicians of The time.

1.- Fast rapper

Eminem obtained the Guinness Record for rapping 100 words in less than 16 seconds, an issue that was immortalized in one of his songs, just as he does in “Rap God.”

2.- My Name Is?

If something we know about Missouri is that it has different facets reflected in its nicknames. Eminem’s name arose thanks to his real name “Marshall Mathers”, which comes from the first letters of this (“M&M”).

3.- His other self

In addition to “Eminem”, the singer is also known as “Slim Shady” which, according to what he himself has confessed, is the part that makes fun of himself.

4.- Love is not your thing

After a back and forth of constant fights and situations that had him in the public eye, the man who is about to reach 50 years old married Kimberly Anne Scott twice, which resulted in a failed experiment.

This reason has led him not to remarry or have more children until today.

5.- Man of records

By September 2018, the rapper led “Kamikaze” to become his ninth album in a row, reaching No. 1 in the UK.

6.- School is not given

Despite the genius in his lyrics, Eminem studying is sacrilege.

A self-confessed hater of books and the computer, his null love for school led him to repeat ninth grade three times.

7.- A gold mine

He is the artist who has sold the most albums in the decade from 2000 to 2009, with 32 million copies, is there one more reason to place him among the best in history?


8.- I hate his mom

If there is something that characterizes him, among many other things, it is that he does not get along with his mother.

So much so, that “Slim Shady” dedicated a few verses to her in “My Name Is” that led him to be sued by herself, calling her a drug addict.

9.- Bad relationship

Marshall himself argued in the play “Cleanin ‘Out My Closet” that his mother made him have Munchausen Syndrome when he was just a child.

And it is that, apparently, his mother invented false symptoms or causes real symptoms to make it appear that the child is sick.

10.- He dominates everything

In 2003, the birthday boy achieved a historic milestone for his career: he won the Oscar statuette for his song “Lose Yourself” which served as the soundtrack for the movie he starred in, “8 Mile”.


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