Why is her name Lady Gaga? The curious origin of a pop star’s stage name!

Lady Gaga is one of the most famous singer-songwriters in the music world, with a career filled with awards and accolades. But do you know why he has such an original stage name? There are several explanations which we will now explain to you in detail.

Lady Gaga, why they call her that: the origin of the stage name

Lady Gaga is a versatile artist, one of the pop icons of the last decade. Her amazing performances and her eccentric and innovative persona make her a complete 360° artist not only in the music world, but also as an actress and activist. Indeed, his strong commitment to the LGBT community has become a symbol of activism against intolerance and for diversity.

But what is behind this original stage name? According to the artist herself, the name was invented by music producer Rob Fusari, who at that time was also her partner. Fusari noticed that her voice and style was reminiscent of the Queen song “Radio Gaga” and so he started calling her “Gaga”. Lady Gaga then added the word “lady” to recall her past in a private school, which she herself defines as a “garbage” environment. Thus, he created a name that fully reflected his personality and his evolution.

Other hypotheses for the origin of the name

However, there are several versions of the origin of Lady Gaga’s stage name. A source claims producer Fusari misspelled “Lady” instead of “Radio” in a text message and she simply took the wrong name. Others claim that a group of marketers came up with the name. However, despite the various versions, the fact is that the name “Lady Gaga”, a symbol of the creative and original personality of the artist herself, has become known all over the world.

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