Why Is The Game Half-Life 3 Still Not Finished? This Is The Reason!


Valve is seeking to create a great experience in Half-Life

The Game Half-Life: Alyx new versions and users of VR-center offers the game the. With the release of the game this question surfaced again: when the valve free Half-Life 3?

A Few Times Half-Life 3 According to rumors, will be produced, but up to this day the game this never appeared from the kitchen-valve as Developer. Not long ago, this designer the game Robin Walker from Valve to uncover the reason why Half-Life 3 never fully developed!

1. The Essence Half-Life is a combination of art and technology

Why Is The Game Half-Life 3 Still Not Finished? This Is The Reason!pcgamer.com

According to Walker, there are some projects that senpat is effected by a valve, with some believed to be as Half-Life 3. However, all of them have the same restrictions, namely the preservation of the essence Half-Life self. “Essentially, Half-Life an IP that said, we are excited to combine aspects of art and technology,” Walker.

Half-Life the original is to create a valve effort the game with storytelling strong in the field of FPS games, which are a Trend at the moment. Then in Half-Life 2, Valve is trying to do the same, but add elements puzzle Physics-based by the Source Engine, which is phenomenal. In the meantime Half-Life 2-Episode 1 and 2 is a refinement which comes of experience in the development Half-Life 2.

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2. Uninstall-to install the concept the game Half-Life the latest

Why Is The Game Half-Life 3 Still Not Finished? This Is The Reason!2half-life1freeman.webs.com

So valve started Episode 3it turns out that you get into trouble feel Right, as in Half-Life original and 2. Several internal team of Valve for trying a variety of ideas Half-Life 3but anything less than satisfactory.

When you are asked what Half-Life 2 Episode 3even Walker himself could not answer it. He also pointed to the short story Letter Three the work of the former writer of Valve’s Marc Laidlaw, a history of Episode 3. According to him, the story Letter Three just some of the incorporation of the idea of a story that originally wanted to make Episode 3and as far as his experience of the recent history of the Half Life 2 Episode 3 was not produced.

3. Half-Life: Alyx in the vision-mission-valve

There is a reason why Valve make Half-Life: Alyx and also choose Platform VR as a media release. This is because Valve finally found the integration of technology the game Art and law in the present. “We can play Platform this new (VR), to see, to find out what the “too much” and then, what is never done here,” said Walker.

I think Walker has a point. A thrilling experience, in the in Half-Life 2 is to explore, how to fix them puzzle in the game with the creative way. Thanks to the help of Physics engine we can use the objects to complete puzzle. When asked the reason why the play Half-Life 2, the answer is Yes, like this. Half-Life 3 should also have a reason to be that strong, so that it can be played, not just “because I long time no sequel.”

If in fact this is the approach valve is to the game Half-Life, maybe we will play Half-Life 3 in the distant future, when a new technology is found. Perhaps, if the technology of holograms or VR-style Sword Art Online crowded used? Could be.

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