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Tampico, Tempus, July 25 (OEM-Informex). – In recent months, there have been cases of hepatitis inside Southern Tamaulipas,especially in Tampicoforcing health and education authorities to step up care and preventive action to curb this condition affecting children liver.

Despite various actions taken by various departments to counteract this evil epidemiology of Health Jurisdiction No. 2which contains Tampico and Madero lit up red light.

on that occasion five students of Kindergarten “Hometown” and Ford Elementary Schoolall in Colony of Morelos Symptoms of the disease emerged and necessary containment efforts began.

Jurisdiction Director, Graciela Guadalupe Arana Francoexplain”According to the instructions of Vicente Joel Hernández Navarro, Minister of Health of the state of Tamaulipas, the epidemiological team and preventive medicine personnel were sent to examine each minor to confirm the symptoms associated with the pictures of hepatitis A.“.

After weeks of cleanup Physicians and Epidemiologiststrying to identify infected childrenthey received appropriate treatment during the isolation period.

Since then, regular meetings have been held with health, education and city council representatives. Tampico and Ciudad Maderoin order to act in unison to deal with viral hepatitis this is considered silent murdererwhich took countless lives Per year.

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Sarah Franco explain Hepatitis A Is a acute infection People usually recover without treatment; and Hepatitis B and C May cause chronic and persistent infection, resulting in chronic liver diseaseHence the importance of observing precautionary measures.

Sanitary fence near the state of Morelos

coordinator of the organization National Health Risk Prevention Committee (Coprice) Tampico, Nicholas Berumen Avalosdeclared to control the situation, sanitary fence around School where are they found infected student inside Colony of Morelos.

To accomplish this task, we have the support of the Director. Regional Education Development Center (believe) Tampico, Vladimir Castellano Garciawho provided inspection facilities in the institution Colony of Morelosand space to conduct disease management courses.

We have been carrying out a series of activities in the community to maintain the health of all residents, especially the children who will enter the 2023-2024 school year.“.

He stressed that it was designed to support people in taking action basic hygiene and it is considered a fundamental strategy in the region, thus being able to avoid new Hepatitis A Outbreakas well as dengue and some other infectious disease.

diseases affecting the liver

director of the company Tampico School of MedicineDr. Alberto Romo Caballero” of UAT, Raul de Leon Escobedorevealed that World Health Organization (World Health Organization) chose July 28 For memory world hepatitis day.

this”hepatitis” Is liver inflammationwhich is made up of vital organs that process nutrients, filter the blood, and fight infection, can be compromised when inflamed or damaged.

so excessive drinkingtoxin some drug Certain medical conditions may cause hepatitis. Although most cases are caused by viruses, the most common are: Viral hepatitis A, B, and C.

According to the data WHOthis viral hepatitis B and C Influence 325 million people around the world and why 1.4 million people die each year.

is the second infectious disease deadliest disease after tuberculosisand Nine times as many people are infected for Virus of Hepatitis B and C (HBV and HCV) ratio HIV.

These are preventable, treatable, and in the following cases: Hepatitis C, to heal.However, globally more than 80% of hepatitis patients lack preventive servicesdetection and treatment.


Health experts say it’s important to consider some tips for preventing viral hepatitis, including:

improvement of sanitation and personal hygiene Food and vaccination are the most effective measures against hepatitis A.

this Hepatitis A and B Vaccines It is the mainstay of preventing this disease.

Performance blood test Early detection of these diseases is crucial.

he safe sex To prevent the transmission of hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C virus through physical contact, the use of condoms is recommended.

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the most important is avoid sharing needlesas millions of people are infected each year Hepatitis B and C Because injections are not safe.

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Because of this, during this period July 28 commemorate world hepatitis day to raise awareness of the disease.

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