Why is today, November 22, Music Day?

Every year, On November 22, Music Day is celebrated with the aim of paying tribute to this art that has become indispensable in everyone’s life and to those people who practice it with passion and vocation.

On this day, Santa Cecilia, patron saint of all musicians, is commemorated. Several centuries ago, in the year 1594, Pope Gregory XIII appointed Saint Cecilia the patron saint of this type of art. From that moment, every year it is celebrated in her name.

The story behind this day tells that, at the end of the 2nd century, when the Catholic religion was not accepted in the Roman Empire, a young woman named Cecilia was forced by her parents to marry Valeriano.

When they married, the young man was baptized by Pope Urban and converted to his wife’s religion. But after that Valeriano and his brother decided to bury Christian corpses. This was forbidden so they were arrested and, as they did not want to say that they worshiped Jupiter, they were tortured and sentenced to death.

They wanted to force Cecilia to leave Christianity, but since she refused, they took her to a hot oven to torture and suffocate her. However, the woman resisted and decided to sing to God. As a result of this, they decided to sentence her to death, so on November 22, 230 they cut off her head.

Finally, After the Catholic religion was declared an official cult, Cecilia was appointed as patroness of all musicians. Thus, this day seeks to honor her and all these talented people who bring their art to all societies in the world.

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