Why isn’t Robert Pattinson in the film even though it “deeply impressed” him?

Christopher Nolan explains why Robert Pattinson was not involved with Oppenheimer, even though he was ‘deeply affected’ by the film.

Oppenheimer: Why isn't Robert Pattinson in the film even though it 'deeply impressed' him?

Christopher Nolan revealed its origin during a recent interview oppenheimerexplaining to him Robert Pattinson Physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer played a key role in the production of the upcoming film starring Cillian Murphy, the physicist is considered “”.Fatherof atomic bomb.

The Dark Knight trilogy director previously worked with Pattinson on Tenet and the two began talking about their next film during filming; In this regard Nolan said: “After Tenet, in which I mentioned Oppenheimer, Rob and I wrote a little about that incredible moment experienced by Oppenheimer and other Manhattan Project scientists.,

,You see, at the time, they couldn’t completely rule out the possibility that when they activated that first device, that first nuclear weapon, they could start a chain reaction that would destroy the world.”said the filmmaker in an interview with journalist Tara Hitchcock.

Christopher Nolan continued,We used it as a metaphor for Tenet, which Rob starred in. When we finished shooting he gave me a book about Oppenheimer’s speeches from the 1950s, where you read about these great minds trying to deal with the enormous consequences of how they’ve changed all of our lives forever. Changed for.Regarding Pattinson’s absence from the film, Nolan said that “he was busy” is that “It is currently in high demand,

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