Why keep an eye on Noah Cyrus, Miley’s younger and “black” sister

Miley Cyrus’ little sister is a gothic icon waiting to be discovered

related latest news noah cyrus It’s Official Engagement: Just months after confirming their relationship, the young singer and her boyfriend pincusThe German-born singer himself has announced that he wants to get married. A roundup of big moves to reveal photos posted on instagramEspecially these days in pictures taken at Paris Fashion Week, the two can be seen in a decidedly extravagant and somewhat gothic look. finally an important image Diamond RingA gift that sealed the lightning-fast and momentous union: “The greatest moment of my entire life was saying yes to spending the rest of our lives together,” she wrote.

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it is no coincidence that Miley Cyrus’ 23-year-old sister — who was first linked to rapper Lil Xan and then producer Tana Mongeau — decided to announce this major change practically paris fashion show, She herself has now become one after attending the fashion show for the first time in the French capital last January spirited catwalk regularsWherein he always shows an eccentric, experimental and in some ways even disturbing look.

Noah Cyrus’ persona, on the other hand, has been sculpted over the years under the banner of EMedium Risk Sayings on the one hand and a particularly original introspective tract on the other. country singer’s daughter billy ray cyrus and manufacturer’s tish cyrusBesides Miley, he has four other siblings (Brayson, Brandy, Trace, and Christopher). Her debut in the limelight came in 2002, at the age of just two, in the TV series, in which her father was the protagonist, Doctor, As a child, she was also a voice actress in the American version of the animated film pony on the rock Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli and later, in 2009, he starred in the film hannah montana And then took part in a few episodes of the series that marked the full fame of her sister Miley. she chose it when she grew up music streetdebut with single make me cry) Teaming up with Labyrinth in 2016 and releasing three EPs again: good cry, the end of everything And people don’t changethe latest of which was released in 2021. He also participated in the series in the same year american horror stories,

If in music they always chose alternative far away from the clichés of the mainstreamcollaborating with artists like danish MO and rapper (now late) XXXTentacionEven his personal life seems committed to breaking with this tradition: in fact, he has been fighting on the side of animal rights since he was 13, peta support and called for a boycott of the American water park SeaWorld. Ecologically committed, she also seeks to convey important messages in her songs: songs such as the sadness, july And Lonely they face her mental distress with intensity and sincerityDon’t be shy about tackling topics like anxiety, depression and panic attacks. At times he also has a conflicted relationship with his sister Miley, despite the fact that – especially recently – the two have come out very united and close,

In fact, Noah Cyrus’ dichotomy is more pronounced with her own problems than her older and more famous sister. relationship with fame, in song young and sad He would write: “My sister is like sunshine / She always brings good light wherever she goes / And I am born to rain clouds / Blessed in her shadow”. More than just a family feud, it’s another conflicted relationship with a celebrity gained from a very young age constant display of online hate: at one point he had to turn off comments on his social networks to avoid being overwhelmed with malice, even from his sister’s fans, who misunderstood the understanding between the two (in their opinion, is lacking) .

Despite outside pressures, the singer continues on her path of building a character a very personal style: marked eye makeup, bleached eyebrows, very long black hair often gathered in strong-willed braids contribute to one of Very sharp image, even in the dark. Her fashion sense does the same: She alternates whimsical and artistic construction, fishnet or mermaid dresses with tunics and ultra-feminine details with capes that wrap and envelop the body. together with Stylist Lena Lisson He’s not afraid to dare, and it’s his attitude very adventurous, curious and playful, he even brought it to the Parisian catwalk of a brand marinen sere, hours after attending the Kenzo fashion show. Fashion icon, committed singer and young woman who isn’t afraid to make her voice heard: the perfect embodiment of the Gen Z that she follows and supports.

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