Why Lionel Messi can go four months without playing an official match

Argentina beats Ecuador, focus is on opening Lionel Messi The 3 points obtained by the national team are not many. The captain has put together a strong run of games, although it will likely keep him out of action for four months.

of leaving Lionel Messi Surprisingly, that happened very rarely during his career. Furthermore, it wasn’t long before rumors emerged that No. 10 might be out injured for some time.

“It probably won’t be the last time he starts going out during a game. “I was a little tired and that’s what happened. “, he explained the persistent muscle fatigue. Lionel Scaloni also said: “He asked me for change. If I don’t have it I won’t take it out and we’ll see what he has. He asked for a change because he feels something. Tomorrow they will study. If he is fit he will play , if the body is not good, we will see what we do.”

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In this context, Lionel Messi He played 12 games in 48 days, averaging one game every four days. To this we must add that he did not participate in the preseason, so he is not physically ready for this pace of play.

Despite the intensity of competition, the number of games is expected to decrease, at least in the near future.As it happens international miami He scheduled nine games in 42 days, eight of which were in Major League Soccer (Messi missed two) and one at the US Open. However, here arises the possibility of stopping.

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As it happens, if the club fails to make the playoffs in these 8 games in MLS Lionel Messi He will not play for Inter Miami for four months. If we don’t advance, the season will end on October 21st and restart in February next year.

today, international miami Although there are two fewer games, there are still 8 points away from the playoffs and 15 points away from the last team to directly enter. This is why the team must seek qualification, otherwise the captain will end the season with Inter Milan on October 21, and only the playoffs from November 16 to 21 will remain.

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