why Louis left Wild Moss

Fedez, in a YouTube video explained the reason for the working gap between him and Luis Sal. Federico Leonardo Lucia told his truth about the creator’s farewell to the Muschio Selvaggio podcast, whose absence stunned viewers of the program.

The rapper admitted:I would like Luis himself to give an explanation out of respect for the three years of working together and for the public watching us … gossip and speculation have arisen when the truth is much simpler and less tragic than what is believed. can think“.

Why Luis Sal left the Fedez podcast

I waited three episodes before asking management to tell the public that Luis was no more… The San Remo brace was more work than fun. It was a very desirable project for me. Neither Louis nor I were paid. All the money went to the creation of the format. It was a complex bracket. Louis initially disagreed. Then he agreed… Then, at the end of this project, there was a working discussion. In this case, I pointed out to Louis that I had a feeling that I should take responsibility for everything. And that I didn’t get any support from him. A lively discussion led us to say that we need a few weeks to decide what to do.”.

Thus, Fedes reported that it was Luis who decided to leave Muschio Selvaggio:

To my amazement, since I haven’t received any wake-up calls, after this week of reflection, he sends me a message saying: “Right now the format has taken on a connotation that is more related to Federico than Luis, I feel like devoting myself to other projects. I don’t want to do this anymore.” I did not take it very well, I was very disappointed, also because we had founded the company a few weeks earlier, and this led to a complex scenario.“.

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