Why Mexico does not use rapid tests to detect coronavirus


Mexico reached the thousand 378 confirmed cases and 37 individualsthe last first of April, which has represented an increase in both the spread of the virus on the national territory, as in the mortality rate. One of the most controversial topics in regards to the actions of government to tackle the pandemic COVID-19 has been the use of rapid tests.

These had allegedly been used in countries such as Germany to know the new cases of coronavirus in a way more agile. This, after the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, ensure to various means of communication that would get supplies of two types of tests: a quick and other antigens to detect antibodies. These would be complementary, and are validated by the Institute of Diagnostics and Reference Epidemiology (InDRE).

In a press conference, the undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion in the Secretariat of Health (SSa), Hugo López-Gatellsaid that before the controversy caused by the subject, in which he argued that Germany itself is used this kind of test:

Then, took on the task of establishing contact with the Robert Koch Institute, a recognized authority on infection control and surveillance epidemic, and verified that that country did not use rapid tests. In addition to having investigated with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, for its acronym in English), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Pan american Health Organization (PAHO) and with the National Microbiology Laboratory in Canada with the goal of to know if the rapid tests were backed up or were used to detect coronavirusbut the answer was negative from all the institutions.

Having a negative result that the tests were validated by the FDA, despite the fact that Alfaro said that two of them were recognized by that authoritygave, with a statement of the WHO which reported that no nation had the accreditation of the rapid tests.

In addition, the under-secretary touched the topic of the alleged quick test that introduced Donald Trump, president of the united States of America and explained that this it is not a quick test.

The test is in charge of identifying certain components of the virus in a laboratorycan be done with a small portable computer to take a sample of secretion of respiratory. With that is obtained the genetic material needed to perform a chemical synthesis to reach a number of copies that can be detected.

According to the official “it is not that we have a resistance-to-use rapid testing, but if you are not competent we cannot use them.” This is because the response of the immune system has not been studied enough as to make it possible to isolate those components that allow the body to generate antibodies to protect against the coronavirus.

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