Why more and more people are putting LAUREL leaves in their mop buckets for better cleaning

We’ve talked to you more than once The benefits of laurel, That aromatic plants We all (or almost all) have it in our homes, and it’s become one of our favorite allies when it comes to pairing and flavoring our meals. Not only does it have several culinary properties, but it is also one of the classic home remedies for certain ailments and even a great ally for cleaning.

Apparently, laurel also acts as an insect repellant scare away cockroaches or other household insects, it also has the powerful ability to refresh clothes and say goodbye to bad smells. Even in bathrooms, more and more people are placing laurel because of its benefits for our body or bodies. under the pillow while sleeping.

return In the realm of luck and occult forces, Laurel is a great ally. In fact, the laurel tree is considered one of the talismans that protect us, purify ourselves, attract good luck, and ward off bad energies. Therefore, many people place it on their balconies or in front of their homes.

If you think you know everything about laurel and you’re amazed at the power this plant holds Contribute to your daily wellbeingWait until you see the benefits of using this blade in the mop bucket. They will surprise you!

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power of laurel in the mop

As we mentioned, for countless generations bay leaves have played an important role in both cuisine and the search for natural remedies for a variety of ailments.Native to the Mediterranean, the laurel tree is a perennial plant with The leaves are oval, glossy and have a very distinctive fragrance. Although there are many varieties of laurel, they are all rich in virtues and health benefits.

However, we’ve been able to verify that its versatility doesn’t stop there. More and more people are starting to take a special approach: Add the bay leaf to the mop bucket. Surprising, right? To start this strategy, you must:

  • cut off its leaves (preferably with the help of a blender).
  • Prepare the infusion by pouring the chopped leaves into a saucepan with hot water. When ready, pour the mixture into an empty mop bucket.
  • Let the mixture sit for 5 minutes to combine and Creates an aromatic solution that fills your home with an unmatched aroma.
  • If you want to sanitize your bathroom or kitchen, you can also add A dash of white vinegar or baking soda with three drops of lemon to enhance its cleaning performance. Together, these ingredients keep your house or apartment clean and act as an insect repellent. Various insects.

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