Why Online Gambling in Canada is on the Rise


Online gambling is on the rise in Canada, and conditions are such that 2021 promises to be another bumper year for the industry.

Canada is an industry leader within the online gaming sector, with 19.3m Canadians actively indulging in the pastime. Whilst Canadian law states that only the individual provinces can own and operate casinos, both physical and online, providers get to circumnavigate that law by having headquarters outside of the country. This is how $4bn is spent per year with offshore casinos.

Despite the laws governing online gaming, why is it on the rise in Canada, and what drives our consumers to help keep it a stable and profitable industry? We have gathered some of the defining factors helping to push online gaming here in Canada.


Canada’s gaming laws are a little confusing, and the lack of legislation preventing foreign operators from offering their services make it possible for multiple providers to flood the market. In terms of online offerings, this means Canadians have plenty of choice and flexibility when it comes to choosing a provider, which in turn helps keep the industry fresh and varied.


One defining element of online safety which has helped ensure gamers are safe in Canada is the eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (ECOGRA) certificate. In some countries, it is a requirement before online casinos can operate, and with many based outside of Canada, it is something gamers here should look for. Online gaming provider Tuxslots uses the eCOGRA certification as a key driver for player safety. The certification is used by several top online casino providers, such as Ladbrokes, 32 Red, and 888 Casino, all of which offer a range of slots, casino games and other experiences for gamers. Safe gaming is another key driver and with worldwide certification valid in Canada, and with the variety of providers operating from abroad, it means safe gaming for residents.


Whilst the variety of provider allows our gamers to have their choice of where to visit, the popularity of online slots within Canada is helping push the industry. Online gaming used to be about games such as roulette and poker, made famous by characters such as James Bond. In more recent times, Canadians have turned to online slots, which are an area of the industry experiencing unique growth. Slot machines are the most popular form of online gambling in Canada today, and providers have adapted and innovated to help make them a core offering within the gaming sector. Online providers can quickly change their range, they can tie in with recognizable brands and still offer big prizes, all of which help keep Canadians coming back for more.

Recent Events

We have seen the effects of the recent pandemic hit normal life hard, with curfews and restrictions imposed upon Canadians over the winter. That has seen more residents confined to homes than usual, and in turn, it helps drive the online gaming market as we move into 2021. What are people likely to do if they are confined to their home? Turn online for their entertainment of course. That will see increasing numbers enjoying online gaming, both those who would usually visit a physical location, and new gamers looking to pass the time. That, in conjunction with the other factors, is likely to ensure Canada remains one of the key battlegrounds for online providers around the world.