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Why Selena Gomez didn’t go to the Met Gala 2021

Why didn’t Selena Gomez go to the 2021 Met Gala? It is a question that all the fans have asked themselves since despite the fact that the famous was in New York, for a few days, he preferred to be absent from the Met Gala and of the VMA’s.

To a celebrity of the stature of Selena Gomez invitations to the most important and transcendent events show up. However, the singer has not been very active in this regard this year.

The reason is mainly due to their busy schedule and the coronavirus pandemic, because as Selena Gomez suffering from lupus takes great care of your immune system.

However, in social networks, some followers of the singer assured that she did not attend the Met Gala for the same reasons that he did not attend the days before VMA’s: so as not to have to meet Justin Bieber and Hailey bieber (what does she call herself) since those days Selena Gomez was in New York (where both events occurred).

According to the fans, not only are they tired of the “fantasy marriage” that have created the Bieber in their social networks, Selena Gomez She is also fed up with that, not so much for them, but for the questions and the way in which the press continues to relate her to the Canadian and now to her current partner.

Selena Gomez prefers to avoid controversy

Selena Gomez does not meet Justin neither Hailey for almost two years and the distance has been essential for both to rebuild their lives. So considering that they were going to be there and the press was going to try to hook them up anyway, she chose not to attend.

Yes, the singer opted for her mental health because she is still working with all the put-downs Justin Bieber put him through.

Ironically, what happened was that the press related the absence of Selena Gomez with Justin Bieber.

Other rumors about Selena Gomez’s absence from the Met Gala

The last time Selena Gomez stepped on the carpet of the Met Gala It was in 2018, when he had an embarrassing moment with his bronzer, which gave a unique touch to his skin but as the hours passed, it became darker.

In addition to this rumor, according to his makeup artist he would have mentioned that Selena Gomez I would not go to the VMA’s, to Met Gala, but yes to Latin Billboard And although he did not say why many believe that his decision is due to not having to deal with the questions of Lose You To Love Me, nor to run into her ex who is also in the music industry and to top it all released new record material like her.

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