Why should we start giving nirsevimab to all babies under six months of age?

The main reasons for hospitalization of children under one year old in Spain are Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which can cause bronchiolitis and pneumonia Therefore, preventive measures are recommended for all infants.

The virus can be particularly serious when newborns younger than three months old are infected.

Looking ahead to the 2023-2024 epidemic season, the Spanish Society of Neonatology explains in the scientific journal Anales de PediatrĂ­a that it has updated its recommendations to include the use of a new respiratory syncytial virus prophylactic drug for all children under 6 months of age. Age (VRS).

Why health authorities recommend vaccinations for all babies

Niservimab approved for use in EU on November 3, 2022, although the drug palivizumab has been used so far. Because of the drug’s high cost, it is only available to people considered high-risk.

Niselumab has higher efficacy, longer half-life and better safety profile, making vaccination possible for all healthy infants.

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these are side effects

Mild side effects have been reported, such as: rash, fever, injection site reactions… There is also a theoretical risk of allergic reactions, although no cases have occurred so far.

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