Why Solskjaer and Cristiano failed to return to Manchester United

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The Norwegian mentioned Cristiano’s second visit to Old Trafford.USEPA

Solskjaerformer coach Manchester Unitedtalking about the rewards at the time Cristiano Ronaldo plays for second cycle And why it doesn’t work.

“It was a very difficult decision to say no and I felt we had to make it, but the outcome was terrible”DT begins in an interview he gave sports world.

It felt great when I signed the contract. The fans felt the same way against Newcastle, Old Trafford was shaking (Cristiano’s double),” he highlighted the first moment of the game, adding: “He’s still the best in the world One of the top scorers and in good physical condition, he looks strong. “

I looked at the game list and realized I wanted a clutch period Along with Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Leicester City. Next up are Chelsea and Arsenal, as well as Champions League games. Many things are starting to go against us“When the bad starts to accumulate, DT said.

In this case, he explains: “When you have a team, You need everyone pulling in the same direction.When things are not going well, you can see certain players and self-awareness revealed“.

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