Why ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Has The Best Hollywood Blockbuster Promo Campaign In A Long Time

There are just a few days until the premiere of ‘Matrix Resurrections’ on December 22, but the truth is that many of us already knew we wanted to see it from the moment it was announced that Lana Wachowski prepare a fourth installment of the adventures of Neo and Trinity. Whether out of unhealthy curiosity or genuine interest, the truth is that it is a movie that sells itself.

However, that has not stopped Hollywood from carrying out massive advertising campaigns and that reveal more than the account of what awaits us in the film. Whether it is to raise the spectator’s curiosity or due to laziness when drawing up a marketing strategy that keeps surprises safe, the truth is that it is something more and more common, hence the ‘Matrix Resurrections’ campaign look like the best of a Hollywood blockbuster in a long time.

A worrying trend

We have all seen several trailers that told too much about the movie in question. In fact, in many cases it is better to stop seeing it more or less in the middle, either because they begin to count too much or because it is simply evident that they are making a kind of summary of everything that happens, with the exception of the last minutes or simply the final resolution.

That is not something exactly new – look at the trailer for ‘Rocky’ for example-, but lately it has been more with an apparent need to know everything that happens, post-credits scenes included if there are any, before the film has come to premiere. Speculation and leaks are the order of the day and they have reached their maximum expression with ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, a film that is released just a few days before ‘Matrix Resurrections’.

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It is not that these types of productions are very given to big surprises, but we are walking a path in which it seems that expectations are skyrocketing to see if what happens in the film is really what we have been promised -or what we have wanted. think us-. And before we see it, we have already started to focus on the next one. The emotion that may be part of giving us what we wanted, otherwise it will be a disappointment.


Matrix Resurrections Neo Trinity

In the case of ‘Matrix Resurrections’ a very different campaign is being chosen. There are just a few days until the premiere and we are still not very clear even what exactly the plot of this film directed by Lana Wachowski is. Yes, there are several tracks, but at all times it has been played by mistake, to the point of qualifying it as an autonomous work instead of a sequel to use.

It is true that already in its first preview certain points in common with the first installment were detected, something that became even more evident with the new trailer that appeared a few days ago. He hasn’t done more to make it eye-catching, as long as you’re still willing to let them play with you a bit rather than give it to you. all so chewy that the effort you have to make before seeing it is little less non-existent.

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And it has not been for not giving small details about other matters, like how is it possible that Morpheus is played by another actor. But behind that there is a clear idea of ​​reserving all the surprises that there may be for the moment of the premiere. Some things are likely to leak out when the press gets a chance to see it before the premiere, but It gives me that Warner will hurry to the maximum to teach it and thus avoid that type of lapses.

Now I don’t think anyone can tell me with any kind of certainty what is going to happen in the film. Maybe some strings can be tied and someone may even have been able to decipher what the story is, but what they are going to do with it is something of which I admit that I have no idea. That can always change with the studio giving in to the temptation to overstate it at the last minute, something that could happen if the pre-sale turns up worrying numbers, but I hope that’s not the case.

Matrix Resurrections Poster

And I like that this way, that of course it is great to get huge surprises with those small productions that already warn you in advance that it is best to see it knowing nothing. The most recent case that comes to mind is that of ‘Espíritu Sagrado’, the best Spanish film so far this year, but there has come a point where giving more and more information in advance is destroying the experience.

I’m aware of I’ve dropped spoilers myself on occasion and the one that the desire of the media to raise the number of visits leads to commit real stupid things -and if on top of that you notice a real difference in the interest it provokes, well more and more-, but it is something much more widespread, starting with the own studios and that also concerns moviegoers themselves. The worst thing is that the trend seems that everything is going to more, hence a strategy as counter-current as that of ‘Matrix Resurrections’ is so refreshing.

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