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The world of streaming is fertile ground to produce and generate disruptive or unusual content in traditional media. In this sense, one of the referents of this type of platform is Lucas Rodriguez, a comedian who built his career from stand-up.

“Luquitas”, as his followers know him, comes from winning the award for “Best IRL Streamer” in the “Coscu Army Awards 2021” and this 2022 began with the “first mega event of the year” of his stream, as he himself defined it during his “alive”.

What was it about? The 29-year-old comedian broadcast the film “cars” from Disney and got peaks of more than 7 thousand “viewers”. Not only that, but also, thanks to the humor and suspicion of his audience, he also managed to transform the word “Cars” into a trend of Twitter.

With the “put Cars” of one of his “followers” managed to gestate the beginning of an atypical experience for the “streamers” -how his followers call him Nimo-. Luquitas was emphasizing, during the course of the film, the striking of the event.

“We went to Edenor as a trend”, he said surprised in a part of the fragment that he uploaded to his YouTube channel. On the other hand, he remarked: “This is the best thing about the stream that no other job has. The best thing is that we made it rise in trend by giving it a handle, but it came alone”.

“The film is good, many people saw it and there are many people who love it”, analyzed after the success of his channel and even remembered the dubbing in Argentina that had the former runner Juan & Maria “Skinny” Traverse as a member of it. “I imagine Flaco Traverso in a dubbing booth saying ‘I already tried that'”.

The best Twitter comments on the trend promoted by Luquitas Rodríguez

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