Why they cut ties and their relationship with their father Jorge

The first representative is Lionel MessiFabian Soldini admitted today that the star “always wanted to succeed” and highlighted the support of his father Jorge for his “fundamental” role in his early days as captain of Barcelona’s youth league national team when He made a leap out of Newell’s old boy rosary beads.

“After six months, Leo’s family came back and he was living with his father. Jorge did a great containment job on this, very great and fundamental. And Leo wants to succeed. He always It’s about wanting to maximize, he wants to maximize, because if he doesn’t, we can’t understand how he continues to break records and records. “He always wants more,” he noted.

“I always give an example. In the lower leagues the gym is voluntary, if you want to you go, if you don’t want to you don’t go. In the gym they give you a card to mark , and he was the perfect one. He always knew what he wanted,” Soldini recalled on Spain’s Jotdown website.

Soldini, who started playing for Messi at the age of 13, one of the first requests he received from his father was to pay for growth vaccines because Newell “had stopped doing that” and took the striker with him at the start of the season Go abroad. 2000 before the socio-economic outbreak in December 2001.

Reason for breaking up

In fact, the businessman was with Messi until 2004, when Jorge asked him to “put aside” his partner Martin Montero, but he refused because he had his own “values”.

Soldini, on the other hand, insisted that the Spanish national team “always” called Messi to nationalize him, while Rosario refused because he had a “dream” of playing for Argentina, which did not call him up. Participates in U-15 and national team competitions. Under 17 years old.

Despite highlighting Jorge Messi’s restraint, the representative criticized the “terrible way” he has handled himself since cutting ties and determined to be the one to control the star’s destiny.

“My only regret is not being able to enjoy Leo’s whole career as much as I should have, that’s what hurt me the most. It doesn’t hurt me money because I understand what the game of football is like. Because I not only By losing Messi, we also lost other players,” he lamented.

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