Why this couple of instagramers triumphs in all the world?


Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez. Probably their names don’t say anything if you’re not from those who use Instagram routinely and also you are at the day of accounts with more followers or photo that becomes viral. They are not famous singers, or actors, or athletes… She is a model and him a photographer, and together they form the power couple on Instagram, because if we add the followers that have each one, reach almost nine million, unbelievable isn’t it?

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Alexis and Jay looks like that you have found the key to success and they have built up their own characters within the well-known social network. What is what differentiates them? Why raze? It is very simple. Are the living image of happiness, and the images they post are a true hymn to love. Kisses, hugs, gestures and glances… yes, as in everything, there are opinions for all tastes, and while for many pecan sometimes be too cutesy, there are other photos that share that show the most passionate and evocative. What will be the point intermediate the key to its popularity?

It is impossible to take a look at their profiles and stay indifferent because it seems that you are the perfect couple with a perfect life. Trips to places of dreams, extreme adventures and romantic awakenings in the bed are combined with the kisses of those that are left without words, sexy posed in underwear or photos of the different events you are attending. Can it be all so wonderful as it seems?

Capitalizing on the popularity that are reaching around the world, the couple has become the claim of many firms that they want to tell with them. Not only have they become the image of the next summer campaign of the brand Pull & Bear, but this week met with a commitment on your agenda in Barcelona. The designer Rosa Clará wanted Alexis to your parade and the model had the privilege to wear some of their new proposals for next season. The couple caused quite a stir on his arrival in the City of Barcelona, and is thus reflected in their respective profiles Instagram, where they shared several pictures from this day so special for them.

In fact, Jay (who it also has a YouTube channel that just uploaded 6 videos, but they already add up to almost 50 million views) was very excited to see his girl on the runway and did not hesitate to boast of it. “Proud of this little baby. Good job sweetheart. #rosaclara @alexisren #nonosvamosacasar”, joked the attractive photographer telling your fans that you still do not have in mind to pass by the altar, despite the fact that she has wedding dress.