Why was Oldboy never remade by Steven Spielberg?

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big boys It is one of the greatest masterpieces of Asian cinema that has been able to create and reshape the way movies are made around the world. Although it may sound absurd, it looks like Steven Spielberg has actually thought about remaking the film with Will Smith.

One of the biggest habits of American cinema (not particularly appreciated by purists) is Take foreign language products and re-make them in English with a full star cast, Such an experiment is being done with the American remake of Parasite, a film that has managed to conquer the world and not everyone felt the need for a new version. As far as Spielberg’s attempt to relaunch Oldboy in America goes, it’s strange to see a director like him try to engage in realizing such a violent project,

Although over the years Spielberg has transcended and transcended the barrier that limited him to fantasy and science fiction as a director, it is still unusual to think that he would engage in raw and violent products. Has happened. Although the protagonist (Will Smith) and screenwriter (Mark Protosevich) were chosen, the project never really came to fruition. due to rights issues with the original film, The possibility that a remake was made was at stake for nearly two years, until it essentially fell into oblivion in late 2009.

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