Why you can only reach level 12 in Baldur’s Gate 3 when the max level in Dungeons & Dragons is 20 – Baldur’s Gate 3

Among the spell and ability options for all classes, there are some that make the game very easy if implemented after level 12.

We’re almost a few hours away from playing the full and final version of Baldur’s Gate 3. The return of the quintessential Western role-playing legend, from the hands of “Baldur’s Gate 3”. Larian Studiohas become one of the games licensed by other fantastic games expected to launch this month and the end of the year The most anticipated and greatest of 2023.

But the most senior players in the saga or true masters of role-playing games Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Editionyou must have noticed a strange detail:because Our characters can’t climb better than 12th grade in the game?I will explain it to you below, as you will find the reason logical and for balance Between playability and difficulty.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a level limit of 12

For some time now, the Larian Studios development team has admitted that our characters are unattainable Maximum level 20which is usually the pinnacle of any character’s progression in the game Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. Originally, the level cap was raised to 10, but to avoid oversimplification, the developers decided that it could go up to 12, but not beyond.

The reason is that after this level hurdle, all levels reach a level where they can be considered “high-end” Progression in the D&D campaign (it is never possible to reach the highest level in a single game, in fact, the distribution of XP points is at the discretion of the GM at the end of the game).focus on Baldur’s Gate 3which means that our characters, both the origin of those created On our own, their strength has reached a level that NPCs cannot fight, even the most powerful boss or monster in the Forgotten Realms.

At level 13 of a traditional role-playing game, some new features are baked into the range of possibilities for our characters; “Breaking” the game:

  • this bonus Number of any matches increased from 4 to 5
  • Most spell-based classes (wizards, sorcerers, sorcerers, clerics, etc.) learn 7th level spell.
  • thieves win additional mold For his sneak attack (able to choose the higher of the two outcomes).
  • Some new abilities for classes and subclasses.

Considering that only Baldur’s Gate 3 has More than 400 spells, if you read and write them on the server, it would be tedious to detail them here (we’ll cover this, or parts of it, in guides and tips).Importantly, at level 13, we can jump to class abilities, which not only make us heroes, but Demi god.

D&D beyond level 12, power spread

If you don’t believe the logic behind this decision that seems to limit the game (while actually adjust it provide a challenging experience from start to finish), let’s look at a concrete example, poet; This is a class that isn’t usually notable for its offensive or defensive capabilities, though it provides support for the group and itself.all these are some 7th level spells If he allows himself to break through level 12 in Baldur’s Gate 3, he can cast:

  • Dream of the Blue Veil: Allows the party to switch to another astral plane in the D&D universe (in fact, we could see this spell in action in the main game’s intro scene when we started the game on the Nautilus during early access.)
  • death mantra: An unstoppable spell that instantly kills any target with 100 HP or less.
  • desire: The most powerful spell in the game; it grants any wish to whoever performs it (you can see that balancing this spell in the game is impossible, or made possible given the infinite possibilities it opens).
  • mighty fortress: You create a castle that is perfectly qualified as a stronghold or headquarters, with everything your team needs, and even a ton of ally NPCs (actually it unlocks at level 8, but other than that we already have rest camps and supplies , why are we really going to be stalked by so many characters that we need to have a castle to welcome them?).

These are just some of the options available at level 13 or higher, and this does not include the possibility of: Combine more categories in the game; we can use it throughout the game multi-class But obviously, they won’t make us powerful enough to dominate any encounter.

To give you an example of a game, something like if the developer didn’t limit the level to 20.Those who have played an XCOM Legends game (be it the original, the Firaxis reboot, or XCOM 2 Warfare) choose, and the concept and mechanics of its combat Reminds a lot of people of the system having Baldur’s Gate 3minus the role-playing part), you must have noticed that the more you progress in the war against the aliens – developing technology, having more experienced soldiers and completing extra missions to get more resources – the more The more difficult the enemy battle is.

In XCOM 2, everything is unlocked and at the highest “level cap”, neither cerberi, nor the chosen ones, nor even the elders with avatars are a threat in themselves.

In fact, in the “XCOM 2” expansion pack, the touted Selected they became Glorious NPC They might do us some damage, but they can’t stop us (as long as we develop all the technology and have a full squad of colonels, and they’re connected in the squad).what is the same principle Larian Studio He wants to avoid it in the game.Therefore we are Level 12 “capados” in your game. Just like in XCOM 2 we couldn’t develop heavier armor or plasma weapons; the match could still be won, but it wouldn’t be a walk.

Can the level be raised above level 12?

The Larian Studios development team is reluctant to talk too much about the level cap we can achieve Baldur’s Gate 3. They simply expressed their desire to make a game that would satisfy fans of the genre and the legend for a long time.Trying to achieve the level 20 cap could mean more development timewe have been waiting for the game’s release for more than five years.

Still, it’s not ruled out (nor confirmed, all is said and done) that the games we’re focusing on right now can’t Receive an expansion or DLC, as their predecessors had in their time, a logical addition might be to increase our character’s maximum level, to what extent? If they do, we’ll see. The point is, the experience gain for these 12 levels is done very sparingly, so that, although it may seem like a small amount, players don’t stop feeling like they’re progressing throughout the game. Alberto Pastor didn’t hesitate to recommend a game to us on first impressions, and it wasn’t long before we were able to experience it alone or with others.

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