Why You Should Never Share Your Makeup Tools

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. share makeup tools This is an unhealthy practice. Even if you know each other well, sharing the same lipstick, mascara, blush, or any other paraphernalia can put your health at risk.

Your makeup can be influenced by your own health concerns and skin conditions such as acne, enlarged pores or chapped lips.

On the other hand, share makeup It can cause diseases like conjunctivitis and even herpes.

According to the Hello Giggles website, makeup The main ones that are not shared with anyone are mascara and eyeliner. They can cause serious eye infections such as conjunctivitis, flat warts, and other bacterial buildup.

Keep in mind that mixing products that aren’t yours or that are right for your skin type can lead to unwanted breakouts.

As mentioned in LifestyleAsia magazine, other people’s pimples, oils and bacteria can touch your face. Lipstick can cause cold sores. Even without symptoms such as irritation, a person can still have the infection, which can stay with you for a long time if left untreated.

he Wash your hands before applying balm, foundation, or any cream product.to avoid product contact with bacteria.

So, in addition to keeping the product and box closed, it’s a good idea to clean the brush and applicator frequently to avoid moisture or bacteria getting in.

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