Wild Child film, plot, actors, cast, ending, where it is shot, location

Poppy, a very spoiled girl, will be sent to a very strict boarding school. Will she be able to become a woman?

A5 proposes the film entitled wild child. It is a comedy genre product with dramatic atmospheres.

The production is of the United States of America. The year of realization is 2008 and the duration is one hour and 38 minutes.

Wild Child movie actors

Wild Child film – director, protagonists, where it is filmed

Directed by Nick Moore. Main protagonists are Poppy Moore And Freddie Kingsley interpreted respectively by Emma Roberts And Alex Pettyfer. Also in the cast Lexi Ainsworth in the role of Molly.

Filming took place in United Kingdomespecially a Yorkshire and neighboring areas in the territory of theEngland.

The production is of Universal Pictures in collaboration with StudioCanal And Relativity Average.

The film is known internationally with the same title.

Wild Child film where it is filmed

Wild Child – plot of the film broadcast on La5

The plot has as its protagonist Poppy Moorea 16-year-old girl from a prominent Californian family. poppyan orphan of a mother, is very spoiled.

Precisely for this reason her father decides to send her to a very strict English boarding school, that of Abbey Mount School. A school that has strict and extremely strict rules. poppy she finds herself in a different environment from the one she is traditionally used to frequent.

She treats her companions in a very questionable way considering them plebeian. Also, her head girl, she thwarts all of her attempts to be free.

So her roommates help her devise a plan: to be the protagonist of all possible stunts to then be expelled from boarding school. But the director had promised Mr Moore to help poppy and therefore does not expel her but only makes her understand in words how wrong she is.

At this point the companions come up with another plan. They say to poppy who must make the director’s son, the young man, fall in love with him Freddie. The headmistress is very jealous of her son and is also overprotective towards her.

Final spoiler

The night all the girls attend a school dance poppy she presents herself with a seductive appearance, very well prepared and attracts everyone’s attention. Also of Freddie. But when the young man is about to kiss her roommates poppy they break in between the two thus extinguishing that fateful moment. The ending holds surprises.

Wild Child final movie

Wild Child: the complete cast

Below is the cast of the film wild child and the respective characters played by the actors

  • Emma Roberts:Poppy Moore
  • Alex Pettyfer: Freddie Kingsley
  • Lexi Ainsworth: Molly
  • Shelby Young: ruby
  • Johnny Pacar:Roddy
  • Aidan Quinn: Gerry Moore
  • Natasha Richardson: Mrs Kingsley
  • Georgia King: Harriet
  • Eleanor Turner-Moss: Charlotte
  • Ruby Thomas: Jane
  • Kimberly Nixon: Kate
  • Linzey Cocker: Josie
  • Juno Temple:Drippy
  • Sophie Wu: Camilla ‘Kiki’
  • Shirley Henderson: Matron
  • Thomas Kijas:Jake

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