Will Andre Marin leave Fox Sports?It is understood that he is very interested in TUDN

André Marín clarifies his alleged interest in leaving Fox Sports and TUDN (Twitter/@FOXSportsMX)

Just like football players change teams every season, sports commentator They do too; it’s increasingly common how sports news figures enter the new space of television and move between channels.

In recent days there have been rumors that Andre Marin,commentator fox sportsI had the possibility of leaving last word join in TUDN From Chapultepec TV.

The reporter survived a series of hospitalizations and was absent from sports television for several months, but his return to television has been going strong.

Currently, André Marín is working with Televisa on “Tercer Grado Deportivo” (Twitter/TUDNMex)

Andre accepted the invitation to participate Physical Education Level 3 of Trevisajust months after recovering and returning fox sports. So, from that point on, there was a version of him potentially being a part of the team. TUDN.

Some media even stated that the channel has agreed on a date to broadcast Andre Marin TUDN and add it to something like 4 lines and Performancethe transition was said to take place in October; however, the reporter himself told what happened.

As speculation began to mount, Andre Marin himself took it upon himself to clarify the situation and deny that he had left last word.

The sports commentator sends a strong message on rumors of his joining TUDN: @FOXSportsMX

Although he continues to collaborate on sports analytics projects Trevisa — along with Denise Maerker, David Faitelson, Alberto Lati and others — made it clear that he is currently happy and comfortable working at the company fox sportswhich is why he emphasized Have a valid contract with the company, which is why he has no plans to leave.

On the evening of Saturday, September 9, he sent a strong message about the situation.before starting last wordAndre addressed the rumors and clarified what happened.

“In recent days, several news reports have appeared about me. I would like to make it clear that my current contract is fox sports i’m happy to do last word. Thank you for your concern and all your comments.”

He insisted he was delighted to join the chain fox sportsso he eliminates all assumptions that put him in danger. TUDN.

Andre Marin spoke to FOX Sports to detail what happened to him (Twitter/@FOXSportsMX)

On the other hand, he used the space to express gratitude for the unconditional support he has received. fox sportsEspecially during the months when his health was fragile, he had to undergo a series of treatments to improve.

He recognized that the company he worked for was one of the keys to his recovery and return to work, and although he missed the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he stressed that he was happy to be a part of it. fox sportsso it will continue in the program.

“Thank you also for your concern for me during this difficult time of my recovery and health. Thank you Lowman GroupThanks fox sports Thanks to our owner Manuel Arroyo for all the support during these difficult times, we are here foxdoing things with great joy and enthusiasm as always, last word“, he concluded.

André Marín suffered from pneumonia and was intubated (Photo: André Marín YouTube screenshot)

Andre Marin’s health situation becomes complicated in 2022. The journalist narrated the life-threatening illness he faced in a video on his YouTube channel.

In January 2022, they performed stomach surgerywent to the hospital for examination, because it should be remembered that he had previously suffered from stomach problems due to a bacteria called “bacteria”. Clostridium difficile.

During a visit to the health center suffering from pneumonia When he contracted three types of pneumonia, a series of complications developed that put his health at risk.

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