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Will bitcoin hit $ 1 million? Analyst Carlos Maslatón says yes

Key facts:
  • The movements of bitcoin in the past will condition its future, according to Maslatón.

  • The researcher believes that Tether “saved” bitcoin in the bear market of 2018.

“Bitcoin is heading towards a million dollars, but it won’t be soon, nor will it get there directly.” With these words, the financial markets analyst, Carlos Maslatón, predicted how the price of the first cryptocurrency will behave in the coming years.

During his speech at the DecentralizAr forum, the researcher explained that, since January 2009, bitcoin (BTC) has shown multiple cycles, that is, volatile behaviors typical of digital assets. For Maslatón these upward or downward behaviors will be magnified until 2026 and beyond.

There are three notable figures that the forum member said would hit bitcoin at some point. In what Subtract from 2021 the cryptocurrency would reach $ 95,000 per unit, which would equal the capitalization of BTC to that of all the physical dollars that exist in the world. “That will be great news, bitcoin is worth more than all the dollars printed together,” commented the investor bitcoiner.

Maslatón’s second estimate of the price of bitcoin is that of a million dollars. In his view, the top cryptocurrency will hit that number sometime in 2025. Right now BTC is not “on the brink of a million. Yes it will come, but indirectly, in waves. What has to be established is when, in what way and through what sequence of waves. For me the past conditions the future, “added the expert.

The price of bitcoin shows a significant recovery in the last four weeks. Source: CoinGecko.

Bitcoin would have a new streak of historical caps

The third price of bitcoin that Maslatón estimated would occur before July 2022. In less than a year the cryptocurrency would move between the bands of $ 357,000 and $ 464,000. That is, for the analyst, the price of BTC could multiply by up to 10 in the coming months. Currently, a bitcoin is trading at $ 49,200, according to the CryptoNews price index.

“There will be a global scandal because of that because our entire sector has almost become a political movement. The Federal Reserve of the United States is in check, they no longer know what to invent to stop these decentralized currencies that no one manages them, ”the panelist pointed out.

Maslatón is one of those who thinks that the bull market for bitcoin will continue, at least, for another year.

If the possible price of bitcoin for 2025 draws attention, the estimate for 2026 would break all forecasts. Maslaton said that at some point in that year BTC would reach a price of 1.6 million dollars and then fall 50% or 60%.

As for the bear markets of the past, such as 2018, the finance expert indicated that stablecoin Tether “saved” bitcoin. “It was a year of a lot of violence in the market, as in 2014, they were tremendous years, we almost melted. I don’t know what would have happened if Tether hadn’t been there.

The panelist did not touch on issues related to the monetary policy of Bitcoin or other technological aspects of the network. However, he did put the highlighter on the US dollar that he said is undergoing a “downgrade,” as are all national currencies.

During the last weeks the price of bitcoin has experienced a rebound. After trading close to $ 28,000, the cryptocurrency regained ground and that’s it marketed again near $ 50,000 per unit. A recent report from CriptoNoticias noted that intensive investor purchases are driving the price of BTC.

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