Will Cristiano Ronaldo come to WWE?They revealed details of their possible arrival

cristiano ronaldo Can attend USA Wrestling events World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)as he’s looking for the Portuguese star to attend his next “Crown Jewel” event.

this wwe Seeking to spark a revolution in the Saudi Arabian market, therefore cristiano ronaldo I can support this campaign by being one of the guest stars.

Al Nassr players will be a good boost for the Arab market and WWE, which will provide Cristiano Ronaldo with a large amount of money as the image spokesperson of this event.


cristiano ronaldo

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let us remember, wwe Special events such as “The Greatest Royal Rumble,” “Super Showdown” and “Elimination Chamber” have been held in Saudi Arabia. The 2023 “Night of Champions” has been held, and the “Crown Jewel” will be held on November 4.

Cristiano Ronaldo, celebrity on Iranian soil

cristiano ronaldo In Iran, his team is welcomed like rock stars nasser They will face Persepolis in the first round of the AFC Champions League.

Upon arriving at the airport, Iranian authorities presented him with a Persian rug, one of the country’s cultural symbols; while his fans greeted him with cheers and cheers.

Fans were waiting at the airport to watch from the beginning Cristiano Ronaldo, He got into his truck and headed to the hotel. However, fans followed him without hesitation.

Fans chased the bus carrying the Portuguese, chanting and waving the players’ jerseys in the wind. His hotel was surrounded by hundreds of fans who came to the lobby chanting “Ronaldo, Ronaldo”.

Will Cristiano Ronaldo come to WWE?They revealed details of their possible arrival


Thousands of fans flood Iran’s streets and airports to greet Cristiano Ronaldo

cristiano ronaldo Preparing for Champions League Asian and Saudi clubs are once again playing on Iranian soil after Riyadh and Tehran agreed in March to normalize diplomatic ties after a seven-year hiatus.

Let us remember that Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic relations with Tehran in 2016 following an attack on its diplomatic headquarters. Over the years, the Saudi and Iranian teams have played outside their respective countries.

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