Will Emilia Clarke return to Star Wars? Here is his answer

Star Wars fans who follow comics know how much Kira character becomes famous in the affairs of a galaxy far, far away. During a recent interview, his live performer was asked Emilia Clarke if only he was back in Star Wars. Let’s see his answer!

Emilia Clarke and Star Wars

Above you can see a clip of the interview in which he is also present. Ben Mendelsohn (another acquaintance from Rogue One); in fact, these two are the main characters of the series Secret Invasion. And Krennic’s interpreter seems to be asking her a question, ducking shortly after Clarke seems caught off guard. In fact, she jokingly replies like this: “I’m at Marvel right now, I can’t”.

Consider the big revelations of the Kira comics, withIt would be great to see this character again in the events after Endor.. And Emilia Clarke, we’re sure, would love to return to our franchise too, even if she’s currently busy with her Marvel cousins. We hope to see you again in some of the upcoming series! What do you think about it? Tell us, as always, in the comments! And keep following us, even on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram AND Twitter! We’ll keep you up to date with what’s happening in the Star Wars universe. In the meantime, if you want to restore a character’s history, find the first two volumes below trilogy dedicated to her:

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