Will Evelyn Hugo’s Seven Husbands, Jessica Chastain be in Netflix movie? The answer of the actress

Jessica Chastain to star in Netflix film The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo? Let’s hear what the actress’s response was.

Will Evelyn Hugo's Seven Husbands, Jessica Chastain be in Netflix movie?  The answer of the actress

Another literary adaptation makes its way to Netflix. This time it’s de’s turn The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugoand one of the most popular fancasts for its transposition is that of Jessica Chastain as a key character in Taylor Jenkins Reid’s story. But will the actress really be in the film?

Announced last March, the Netflix adaptation of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo has rekindled hopes in fans of the work to see Jessica Chastain – one of the most popular stars of fancasts related to the book – in the role of Celia St. James, a actress and colleague of the protagonist.

Chastain, however, seems to have recently denied any involvement in the project, first during the stage door of A Doll’s House – the play in which she stars – when a fan asked her to sign the book, and then on Twitter, as reported also CB. In the first case, the Help and Molly’s Game actress said she could not sign the volume “because they are not in the movie”, and later further clarified the matter.

I’ve been asked multiple times by fans to sign books that I’m not contractually bound to. It doesn’t seem right to do that. I feel like I’m taking credit for someone else’s work” explained the actress on Twitter “All I can say is that I’m not involved in the project. That doesn’t mean, though, that I read a crappy script. I know how much enthusiasm there is for adaptations, so you don’t see any further meaning in that video. There is no news about anything except that I will be on stage until June 10th. Hope to see you at the theater for #ADollsHouse“.

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After years of living away from the spotlight, the former Hollywood “divine” Evelyn Hugo, an authentic icon of the history of cinema, is finally ready to reveal her truth. And hers about her seven husbands, too, of course. To do this, she chooses Monique Grant, a little-known reporter. The most amazed is Monique: why her? And why right now? As it happens, it’s not exactly a great moment for the journalist: a few months after her wedding, her husband left her, and at thirty-five her professional life already seems to have reached a standstill. The task of writing Evelyn Hugo’s biography could be the opportunity she’s been waiting for to make a change in her career” reads the official Italian synopsis of the book, as reported on the Mondadori website “And so, in the actress’s splendid Manhattan apartment, Monique listens to Evelyn’s words fascinated: from her beginnings in Los Angeles in the 1950s to the decision to retire from the scene thirty years later, passing through numerous weddings, the actress reveals a story of fierce ambition, unexpected friendship, and a great forbidden love. Monique feels closer to the legendary star: as Evelyn’s tale draws to a close, it becomes clear that their lives are dramatically and inescapably linked“.

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