“Will I eat Kiev cake in the DR?” Anita Lutsenko dispelled myths about her diet

Anita Lutsenko dispelled the myths about her diet (Photo: Instagram.com/anitasporty)

Ukrainian athlete and fitness trainer Anita Lutsenko dispelled myths about her diet and talked about how she relates to food, sports and restrictions.

The star trainer published an honest post on her Instagram. In it, she told that she eats well, and does not completely exclude some foods from the diet. For example, Lutsenko said that she can and loves to eat spaghetti, pizza, bird’s milk , etc.

“ Oddly enough, but about once a day I have to answer someone that I eat all my food, there are no restrictions on milk, gluten, meat, fish, eggs, sugar, desserts, and I do not exercise around the clock. Obviously, the image on TV as a weight loss fighter formed a false opinion about me and I can not say that I like it. It seems misleading to me about what I’m working on here at all.

Clarifying! I believe that life should not be based on food, training should be exclusively fun (it will be body flex, dancing, badminton or a bicycle, it doesn’t matter at all), more importantly how much you just move during the day and sleep, and whether you are happy or not! If not! To hell with such a life!

Workout and food! This is only part of life! Well, five percent, for example. Unless you are a bodybuilder or a model who makes a special effort to make money on their body.

I love pizza, spaghetti, champagne, bird’s milk and everything else! Yes, while I have not 10% fat ( but 21%) and no cubes, but I have no goal of living with cubes! The goal is to live with pleasure and without exaggeration and without neurosis. And in the balance! Do I drink tea with sugar – no! Will I eat Kiev cake in the DR? – Yes! “- said the athlete


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