Will I look good with bangs? Solve doubts in 1 minute: goodbye hairdresser

Bangs: cut or not?  Here's how to solve the dilemma
Bangs: cut or not? Here’s how to solve this dilemma – belligea.it

Cutting bangs is a gesture from which there is no quick way back, a problem that needs to be solved: here’s how.

THAT hair I’m in western culture, A element Very important For sight human exterior; not only that, very often radical change hairstyle, haircut or color can be a sign of an imminent or already occurring breakupsign change and want novelty.

In any case, sooner or later it will happen to everyone, regret the operation done on the hairthough fortunately they are not immutable: However, some cuts or discolorations take a long time to disappear without leaving marks.

For example, Red on the hair it is very difficult to eliminate as it tends to reappear despite superficial discolorations or dyes: red tint is often worn longer than desired.

Between choice more criticism, however, there is only fatal bangs: bangs hurt moments huge popularity, AND periods very strong disgust, but in fact, as in any aspect, it always depends on the owner. How to understand if we can give a bang? Here are some amazing tricks.

Bangs or no bangs: a modern dilemma

TO moment it seems that bang rather be an element neutral: it is neither fashionable nor unfashionable. So the only way to know if you want to cut it is to try it. But how do you do it if you don’t want to do too precise a test?

Of course one once discovered What we don’t like it To example, regrowth time is not easy to endure, and bangs are very difficult to hide formed strands enough hair court. This time, Moreover, Depends on also from boy From bang what we decided ask to our salon. Eat deceive used Kendall Jenner What it seems to be right in our alley.

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner (Image Mediaset TGCOM24) – belligea.it

makeup kendall

There model Kendall Jenner applied a trick that can be interpreted in two ways, but the concept of which is this: try faux bangs!

Indeed, as Jenner has shown, it is possible put on a little A false – one wig or one extensions, or how he did it in public our supermodel, she Hair can be collected so that the ends form a temporary fringe. So the marginal dilemma is solved.

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