Will Kim Jong Un broadcast live?He could be interviewed by controversial Ardin Rose

andThe world of streaming is getting crazier. Major world figures are gradually passing through this format, even for interviews. In Spain, it is impossible to deny the value and power held by figures like Ibai Llanos.

However, on such issues, the United States is always one step ahead. This is even more true when we talk about streaming on Kick, a platform that has far fewer restrictions than Twitch. The next craziness will star the ever-controversial Ardin Roth.

dictator live broadcast

Adin Ross is known for streaming NBA 2K with LeBron James’ son, Bronny James. Over time his channel changed and he started doing more “just chatting” i.e. live streaming. But problems soon arose, as its content began to change.

He started pulling pranks, such as “swatting,” which is calling the police to alert them to something that didn’t actually happen. Twitch banned him, and finally, in order to stream the Super Bowl, he decided to switch to Kickreceived an indefinite suspension from the purple platform.

On the new platform he partially created, this is not grounds for a ban, Nor is it teaching live pornography, And he did. Now, he has repeatedly pledged to be interviewed by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. However, many of his fans took the news as a joke and thought it was impossible, at best, similar people.

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