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Will Kimberly Loaiza sit down with Kylie Jenner at the 2021 MET GALA?

A TikTok user revealed that the Met Gala guest list was leaked and that Kimberly Loaiza could sit down with Kylie Jenner and Charli D’Amelio

The Met Gala It is a charity event characterized by its glamor, style and elegance. It aims to raise funds for the annual exhibition of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the most recognized and influential celebrities in the field attend the event each year.

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This 2021, the Met Gala will take place on September 13 and according to a filtered list, some TikTokers and influencers will share a table with some great Hollywood stars, such as Hailey Baldwin, Harry Styles and Beyoncé.

Is Kimberly on the 2021 MET GALA guest list?

The rumors began when the portal, Page Six, reported that supposedly, some of the most famous TikTokers and YouTubers would be present at the event.

“I’ve been told there are a lot of influential people on the guest list,” a famous agent told The Post. “I heard that Facebook and Instagram have taken over so many tables, and that has caused a lot of people to leave.”

In addition, the Instagram account @ _metgala2121 leaked the supposed guest list, which includes Charli D’amelio, Nikita Dragun, James Charles, Bella Poarch, Dixie D’amelio, among many others.

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Subsequently, the medium The Truth News reported that Kimberly Loaiza was apparently also on the Met Gala guest list. It was TikTok user @bryancyrus_ who revealed that if she attended the event, the Biggest Cutie would sit down with Charli D ‘Amelio and Kylie Jenner.

Be careful: these are just rumors, the information is not confirmed.

@bryancyrus_Removed Kimberly Loaiza from the met gala #metgala #kimberlyloaiza # bryancyrus ♬ original sound – bryancyrus_

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