Will Mercedes Monae Be The Next Spider-Man? Last

In recent years, many WWE and non-WWE wrestlers have Dedicated body and soul to the world of cinema and TV seriesFor example The Rock and John Cenawho literally left the McMahon Company rings to pursue an actual career as an actor or various other athletes who instead did just an appearance on the big screenAs Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Alexa Bliss Serious efforts.

The faces of WWE are actually very famous in the United States, so it’s easy for them to get picked. to have some role in the major show or movieThanks also to his great acting skills, which is paramount on the television screen of the Stamford Federation.

Apparently, the last big name in the world of wrestling to appear in the cast of a movie Miraclenone other than former sasha banks, mercedes monaeWith athlete escaping WWE possibly appearing in next film in saga Spider-Man with Bad Bunny,
It was revealed in the last few hours hollywood reporterwho said:

,The cast hasn’t been finalized yet but some sources say the studio is doing some research and Mercedes-Benz Vernado also runs out of optionsknown by her ring name of Sasha Banks, for a role in,

in the movie Spider-Man “El Muerto” There will also be an unusual participation from previously-seen Puerto Rican singer, Bad Bunny. Multiple times in the WWE ring in the last few years.

Mercedes Mone and the injury that currently keeps her out of the scene

as told by PW Insider in first post show resurrection,Here’s what is said backstage at New Japan Pro Wrestling Resurgence in California mercedes mone broke her ankle during the main event against willow nightingale,,

The injury was later confirmed njpw who wrote: “During her match with Willow Nightingale in the main event of Resurrection on May 21, Mercedes Monae injured her right ankle,

Immediately following the match, Mone fully assessed his injury and started treatment, New Japan Pro Wrestling fans join in congratulating Mone a full and speedy recovery,

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