Will Michaela return to Jared? Melissa Roxburgh gives us a hint

The mystery series will return tomorrow, June 2, streaming on Netflix with the last 10 episodes: will there be a happy ending for the Michaela-Jared couple?

Only a few hours left before the release of the second part of the fourth season manifesto which will finally put an end to the history of the passengers of flight 828. Tomorrow, June 2, they will arrive on Netflix the last ten episodes and we will find out all the answers to the questions that have tormented us for four seasons. We want to know everything about the mystery of the missing plane, the calls and intentions of the dangerous Angelina, of course. But the feelings and relationships between the characters are at stake. This is the case with Mikaela StoneMelissa Roxburgh), who, after losing her husband Zeke (Matt Long) at the end of the first part of the season, she now has to face mourning while collaborating with her ex-boyfriend Jared (J. Ramirez) to help passengers. Since Zeke is out of the picture, will there be a romantic rapprochement between Michaela and Jared? To talk to TVLinethe actress hinted at what to expect.

Manifesto 4: Michaela needs to pull herself together

Melissa Roxburgh spoke about Michaela’s emotional state in the new episodes:

“In part 2, she has a scene with Ben where she tells him why she has been able to remain silent so far. Zeke was the only person she was romantically involved with. Yes, she has Jared, but he doesn’t understand science. -That aspect of everything she went through, so she really lost her doppelgänger. Ben has his own things to do and as good a brother as he was, it was her and Zeke, so she really struggles with herself.”

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Will the spark between Michaela and Jared return?

But how does Jared fit into that equation? Showrunner JeffRake it was teased that Jared would be “respectful” of Michaela’s pain in future episodes. But can the flame between them be rekindled? Roxburgh hints that something might happen and assures that we will have an answer:

“I think there will always be a ‘they-they-they-they-they-they-want’ situation between them until the end of the series, when we get that answer. I think that now that Zeke is out of the picture, Jared is always her best friend and she has a natural tendency to return to certain situations. Who knows whether she is ready or not, whether it will happen or not. But I think something is bound to happen.”

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