Will Mickey win Lisa’s case?

The Netflix legal drama based on the novel by Michael Connelly will return in August with 5 new episodes.

Not that we had any doubts, but Official Trailer second part of season 2 Defense lawyer confirms that Mickey Haller, the lawyer played by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, survived an attack in a parking lot. We find him in hospital, with at least a broken arm, being consoled by an eager Lorna.

Defense lawyer: new series on Netflix in August

Available to stream on Netflix Starting August 3, the remaining five episodes of the second season of the legal drama based on the novel by Michael Connelly will see a battered Mickey immediately return to work as Lisa faces a murder trial (Lana Parilla) do not wait. The lawyer doesn’t want to hear of doing his part in a “more traditional” way, as his first ex-wife Maggie suggests (Neve Campbell). And while Mickey and Andrea (Yaya DaCosta) facing each other in court, also judging by the expression on Lorna’s face (Becky Newton) we feel that the relationship between them will still not be a normal lawyer-client relationship.

“You are Mickey Haller and you win cases. You do it. Whoever you are defending,” his other wife and paralegal urges him. But before the jury reaches a verdict, and it will, someone returns and threatens the life of the main character. “There are a lot of shackles burning in this courtroom,” admits actress Yaya DaCosta in an interview with the publication TV Insider. “I love how the writers take the audience on a journey and present information and twists in a way where they don’t really know what’s going to happen. We don’t know who to believe, and that makes it very exciting. So yeah, in “The second half of the season will bring even more tension, conflict, excitement and understanding.”

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