Will Osprey on his future: ‘Open to all possibilities’

Will Osprey on his future: “Open to all possibilities”
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Last weekend, IMPACT Wrestling also took to the stage with Emergencya monthly special held at the Rebel Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that featured the return to the company of the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, Sanada is capable of defending the belt in an enjoyable one-on-one matchup with Jake Something.

However, an important innovation concerns the next major event of the company – the PPV show, the most important of the year, better known as Bound For Glory.. On October 21st, on the day of the show at Cicero Stadium in Chicago, Will Osprey, the great ALL-IN hero who defeated Chris Jericho, will score a goal after more than seven years, officially return to the Canadian federation and compete in the federation’s most important PPV year , namely BFG.

We still don’t know for sure if this return will be a simple one-night stand or if it could instead provide a more permanent presence for the athlete, given that a few days after the BFG IMPACT will be on English soil for the UK. INVASION TOUR where registration will be made on TV for four days.Just about the future of Will, the athlete spoke to the British media after his important victory in ALL IN and discussed his future, in particular once after the expiration of his contract with NJPW, expected in about two months..

In this sense “Air Assassin” he exposed himself considering myself open to any future possibilitythat’s why he’s trying to better assess his abilities, so the experiences he’s had so far with AEW and next with IMPACT will surely be crucial to understanding the choices, including a possible call from Triple H and, of course, from World Wrestling Entertainment .

Osprey’s past at IMPACT

While waiting for an answer, let’s follow the short course Ospray did with IMPACT in 2016.

  • On Xplosion 592 head-to-head against Mandryus, after PPV One Night Only – Joker’s Wild 4, he and Matt Hardy defeated a team consisting of Eli Drake and James Storm.
  • On an episode of Xplosion 593, he took part in a title match in which the then-champions Wolves defeated a team consisting of him and Mandrews.
  • Instead, on IMPACT episode number 608, he took part in a King of the Hill match acting for the eponymous belt, which was then held by Eric Young.
  • Finally, in the third part of the ONO Joker’s Wild PPV, he also took part in the Joker’s Wild 2016 Final 100,000 Dollar 12 Man Gauntlet Battle Royal, which was then won by Drew Galloway, who soon became the IMPACT World Champion.

It will be a long-awaited return with a completely different job than in the past.

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